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Hi guys :)

Just finished week 2 run 2 after a really tough week... I had to delay my runs from Weds/Fri to Thurs/Sat too. I woke up with a headache which didn't go away so I had to just go and run with it anyway.

Other than that I think it went okay... my friend has given me a really good pair of Nike running trainers that fit me perfectly and I can totally feel the difference, I feel like I'm floating along!

When my cool down was over I met a lovely dog on my way back home which was a welcome bonus as I miss my two doggies back home :(

Hope you're all well!

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I meet loads of dogs on my trail route! They are a lovely bunch fortunately

I think a run is really good at shifting a headache. Fresh air across the bonce is very good. Better than medicine.

Brilliant news on the Nikes! What are they? If they are Frees, Vomero or Pegasus then they'll be smashing. Not run in any other so can't say about the rest, but Nikes are good. It will say on them somewhere what model they are


A run makes my head worse, but I get quite bad headaches so maybe that's why!

I think they are Frees? They're so good!


Well done.




Well done you. One more run then on to Week 3!


Thanks :) Finished today!

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Yes they are 😁


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