Yah - W5R2 :-)

After looking out of the window at the snow this morning, I very nearly went back to bed, but I stuck to my plan, de-iced the car and was in the gym by 6.30!

After not managing to complete W5R2 last time, I repeated W5R1 on Wednesday to get a bit of confidence back and had another crack at W5R2 today. I won't say I sailed through it, but I did get there. I sorted out music with the right beats per minutes thanks to jog.fm and that was a very definite help.

Had a peek at what W5R3 has in store.............................seriously?


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11 Replies

  • W5R3 appears out of the gloom like a sheer cliff face and many people freeze at the sight of it. If you take it slow and steady you will find a path to the top of it. :-)

  • Well done for running in the snow! You will be fine with W5R3 -just take your time.

  • Slow and steady.. focus on how far you have come.. not how far to go! You will be just fine :)

  • Haha we all felt the same at w3r3, seriously don't worry you are ready, take it in small chunks, set yourself small goals like "just 5 mins" then maybe break it up into 3 minutes countdowns towards the end. I remember running half of it and thinking "I'm not doing this again!" that pushed me to keep going. Remember slow is the key, it's all in the mind.

  • Hah, yes, me too - the fear of having to try another 20 minute run got me through it. Not quite sure how, given that the plan still progresses, but it worked at the time! ;)

    Just keep going, listen to the music, count the lampposts, play word games with car numberplates - whatever distracts or encourages you. If you've got this far, you're ready for this next one. It's understandable to doubt yourself - I'm sure just about all of us did at this point - but it's about proving to the mind that the legs are capable. :)

  • W5R3 is simply run number 15, you have already completed 14 seemingly impossible runs. You CAN complete this one, and the following 12, leading to graduation!

  • We all felt the same but have come through it! Laura has been preparing you for this. Just keep it slow and dig in. You will amaze yourself!

  • W5R3 is the big one but remember, the programme has prepared you for it and you are ready! All of the graduates here have been where you have and have made it. You can too!

    Because there are 2 runs of 8 minutes in W5R2, run 3 is only 4 minutes extra in total than the previous run. It is a big jump, don't get me wrong, but considering you've already stepped up from running 9 minutes total in week 3 to a total of 16 minutes in week 4, it's very do-able!

    Go slow and steady - if you feel like you need to stop just slow down a bit more. Once you hit 10 minutes remember from that point you are counting down, not up. Use any tactics you've learned in the last 5 weeks to keep those gremlins at bay. You can do it!

  • Well done! W5r3 won't be a problem for you, the programme has conditioned you to do it, don't over think it and worry about it you'll be fine!😊

  • Good Luck with run3 the program has been preparing you for this. Next week you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

  • What a star you are Sarah! Well done. Just going into W2R2 again tomorrow I've got a long way to go to get to week 5 but I also made the mistake the last time round at looking at what W5R3 entailed. Try not to let it get you down - I saw a wonderful motivational quote elsewhere on this forum from Carina Alleman: "I don't want to do it, I want to have done it"

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