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Week 2 Run 1...and chafing!!


Who knew an extra thirty seconds could make such a difference? Back to work today so no more lovely daytime running. Instead, today was a night run for the start of week 2 and it went pretty well. The last couple of 90 second bursts were harder but overall I felt good. However....after the run I realised the inside of my knees had chafed on my tracksuit bottoms. May need to consider switching to leggings (lord help me!). Any ladies out there who can recommend leggings that will solve this problem? I'm 5'9" and at the age of 37 I don't think I'm up to anything too trendy! Thanks running friends X

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Glad it went well tonight,as for leggings can't help with that one sorry 😃

Yes ,get leggings or running tights. They are great as the fabric doesn't flap around and holds the wobbly bits in place! I have some cheap leggings from Asda and H and M and some karrimor ones.i just wear a longish top with them. You are only 37 and tall, you will be fine in them. I am nearly 50 and I wear them!


Sportsdirect sell some fairly inexpensive leggings, so just pop into your local and have a browse. They come both in trendy and in classical black. While you're at it, you might also want to pick up a cheap running top if you don't have one - far more pleasant than cotton t-shirts.

Happy running.


Well done! Re leggings, Karrimor leggings are cheap and for someone of your height will be a good start. As Tomas says, pick up a wicking top as well - much more comfortable. As long as it's long, everything will be nicely covered so you will feel fine :) You will soon get to the point where you won't care what others think, you will be focused on running for you.


As others have said sports direct are great for running gear. I also got a great pair of 3/4 leggings and a lightweight jacket from Avon. - both fab - who'd have thought it. Also got a cheapish pair of running tights form Next - own brand no names for this old lady!!

I've got a couple of good pairs of running leggings from TKMaxx - there's usually a reasonable amount of choice and you can try them on and see which feel best. Failing that, Lanacane is good for preventing chafing (I use it on my armpits, under bra straps, and between my toes for reallay long ones!)


I avoided them for a while but run tights/leggings are definitely the most comfy thing to run in. Mine are from decathlon and are the winter ones with a lovely fleecy lining.

Well done getting started

Just plain lycra running tights should do it. Mine aren't expensive and seem fine. They're a local brand and not available in the UK. I know Lidl and Aldi sometimes have them too and they'll do the job.

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