Running and the bloating feeling

There is this intense bloating feeling in my stomach on the day of running and even worse on the day after.

Is this normal? I thought it would go away after week 1 or maybe even unrelated. Seems like it is here to stay.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the effect? Is the bloating even related to running?

I have never been athletic in my whole life. This is probably my second or third attempt to any strenuous exercise activity after quite a few years.


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8 Replies

  • I am no expert and I'm sure there are people on here who can advise you better but I will say that running definitely makes me more 'regular'. I don't know if it's the physical whomp whomp whomp of one foot in front of the other, or the stomach muscles you use when you run but perhaps it's related?

    Do you eat before you go out? Is it before the run (anxiety)? Or during and after (exertion)? If it's only on the days you run and the day after, it would seem that it's running-related but I suppose if you're running every other day it's hard to actually know for sure. I do hope it settles down for you but if not, a quick trip to your GP might put your mind at rest...

  • It is indeed on the days of running and it gets little too severe the day after.

    Surprisingly it gets better the following day just before the morning run. It comes back again in the evening.

    Might drop into to say Hi to my GP after all! Thanks.

  • Some good tips in here..

  • The early run walk sessions are not strenuous. It could be anxiety. Think about what you are eating and look for a pattern. Note what you eat and when which might lead to the culprit, if it's food that's upsetting you

    More exercise does aid digestion. As you progress through the programme you will find an eating pattern to suit you. Most will eat an hour if two before runs.

  • I have reduced carbs intake dramatically since the new year. Combining that with my running, it could be that. Or may be not.

    Time to do a little experiment with rice before the trip to GP!


  • It could be your gulping and taking in more air as you run, it's so very easy to do. Then the air gets trapped. Watch your breathing and see if that might be the culprit. If it is, slow down until you can breathe more evenly. it could very easily settle down on its own.

  • Thanks,

    Running is definitely a shock to body. I shall try and watch my breathing pace.

  • I've always felt dreadful and bloated if I've run after a big day of eating. Obviously it's good to drink water but too much water too quickly could be problematic too if you tend to gulp after a run? Little and often is probably better for both food and drink.

    Not really any ideas apart from that. Hope you find a way to manage it though! Not nice if that gets in the way of your running.

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