Mr Newbie here!

Hi all, thought I'd get posting and try and get some support coz on Wednesday I've got to run for 20 minutes without a break (W5R3) - I don't think I've EVER done that, even when I was at school! When we did X-country we used to leg it round the corner and have a quick fag - which is probably why, at the age of 62, I'm having to do C25K!

"HAVING to do C25K"? No I didn't HAVE to, I just needed a challenge after finding my driving license revoked after suffering a dizzy spell. I'm lost without it so I need to lose weight, need to get fitter - and I need to prove to prove something to myself...

I gave up cigarettes when I was 35 - so I've managed to kick that habit for over 25 years but I know I could go back to it if was weak and I've had a fifty year love affair with alcohol but the passion is cooling. The bad times outweigh the good so, while I can't face a divorce yet, the writing's on the wall.

It's all part of trying to stay alive a bit longer. A bit late in the day, but better late than never!

So, after passing loads of wrinklies padding along the road looking like death and chuckling to myself, I've joined them. You can see peoples expressions - "Christ, is that supposed to be fun?" "Bloody 'ell, hope he's got good life insurance!" etc,etc, but actually, it IS fun. It may not look like it but I love the challenge and the way I feel when I finish a run, especially if it's a new weekly challenge (they are all new challenges in W5!)

But having now reached the dizzy heights of managing two eight minute runs (but with a break between) in W5R2 and feeling dead chuffed, I now see that the final run this week is 20 minutes without a break which seems - harsh!

Would appreciate anyone who's gone through that barrier in particular coming back to this post - but all positive comments are welcome!


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  • Oooeerrr, the 20 minute one. It's the one everybody balks at (including me). It really is so much of a mental challenge this run. The way I eventually cracked it was to run the 20 minute run to the run 2 podcast. I intended to run through the 5 minute walk break and if I couldn't get through the following 8 minutes, I could kid myself that I'd just done an extra run2! I know that sounds long winded but it worked for me. If you've arrived at week 5 run 3 though, physically your body is prepared, you just need to convince your mind!

    However you approach it, start slow and keep it slow. Slow down some more if you need to. Have fun and enjoy it :)

  • You can do it, trust the programme and have faith in yourself πŸ˜ƒ

  • Trust the programme! If you've managed so far - and you have - you are ready for 20 mins. You've already done 16 (2x8) so this is just a bit more. This week frightens us all, but if you look back through some old posts you will find most people manage it. And the elation afterwards is well worth it! I'm looking forward to your next post where you tell us you did it!

  • Well done on starting the programme! I completed C25k 2 years ago after being largely inactive since school (now 53). Trust the programme! I set off for the 20 minute run feeling apprehensive. As other have stated, it is a much of a mental challenge as physical. Go for it! Let us know how you do!

  • Loads have and lived to tell the tale. So will you! Have faith in yourself and the programme to deliver

    Have fun! Good news on the fags and the booze. I gave up both and never looked back. Clean up your eating, Graduate from C25k and keep on running and you'll be a new man

    Good luck!

  • Welcome, Tractorman! What a great first post, your enthusiasm really shines through! I bet already getting this far feels like you've proven something to yourself. I know the feeling - I started C25k with absolutely no expectations of sticking with it. Somehow it just becomes addictive and, before you know it, you're buying all the running gear under the sun and looking forward to your runs!

    W5R3 is the big one for a lot of people but, trust us, it's a mental challenge more than anything. Because there are 2 runs of 8 minutes in W5R2, run 3 is only 4 minutes extra in total than the previous run. It is a big jump, don't get me wrong, but considering you've already stepped up from running 9 minutes total in week 3 to a total of 16 minutes in week 4, it's very do-able!

    The programme has prepared you for it, if you completed W5R2 then you are physically ready. Trust the programme and you will be fine!

    Go slow and steady - if you feel like you need to stop just slow down a bit more. Once you hit 10 minutes remember from that point you are counting down, not up. Use any tactics you've learned in the last 5 weeks to keep those gremlins at bay. You can do it! :)

  • I am so impressed how so many peeps have come back so quickly and so supportively. Thanks, and I'll let you know how I get on.

    Great Forum, thanks tons...

  • Welcome aboard , and yes, if you've got this far , youre definitely ready. This programme wont throw anything at you that youre not capable of doing, if you've completed the previous weeks.

    If you have a look on the Topics list on Week 5 on the right in blue, there will be loads of posts about this particular run. Most of us felt exactly the same , perfectly understandable to be nervous about this one, you've just to dig deep and believe in yourself and the programme .

    Another ex smoker and drinker here , I still can get the devil on my shoulder from time to time, but I feel so much better since I quit the fags and booze.

    Good Luck, you can do this ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks for that poppypug. I didn't realise there was a Topic for every week! How significant is it that apart from W9, the next highest number of posts is W5! Those posts are very comforting but I have to say that the way my legs ache this morning after yesterdays 2nd W5 run, I can't help but wonder how they're going to feel on Thursday morning the day after the 20 min challenge! Oh well, onwards and upwards....

  • Well done! Yes, I did it when I was 60, wife did it last year at 61...

    Like you I only did some Xcountry at school, a light smoker till 36, but c25k is worth the hard work, you'll reap the benefits of your effort's, yes, it's tough and will get tougher for you, but you'll get through it, try not to over think it, the programme is designed to build you over the weeks, if you are very overweight, and having dizzy spells then maybe your blood pressure is raised because of it (I was just in obese range, and felt so sluggish!) you have a good chance of putting that right! I've now lost shed loads of weight, feel better for it, stronger, swifter, and my wife says I look loads better, but like a lot of things, have to keep it up! I still need to lose some more weight. So, onwards and upwards! Good luck! Oh, and keep posting and let us know how your going, and if you need any advice..😊

  • Wow! Just read your message and am really hoping your 20 minute run went ok. And I hope I can do the same one day.

  • Thanks Chrysanthemum - it's tomorrow (Wednesday 11th Jan) and I'm glad it is coz I ache today. I do C25K alternately with the NHS Strength & Flexibility Programme so that'll be my exercise for today. I'd love to say that it's easy compared to the running but it's quite challenging - enough that I need a shower and sit-down afterwards. Highly recommended though!

  • Trust the programme and grit your teeth! Sounds like the body is up to it so just need to get your head round it. Try breaking it down into chunks...5 minutes, tick...10 minutes, tick.. 15 minutes, tick...20 minutes, phew, done. I always find the bit 10-15 minutes the worst but once you' ve got that in the bag you're nearly there.

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