newbie here!

Hi, I think the last time I did any sort of running was 30 years ago if I'm honest. I'm an overweight 50-odd year old and have started the Cto5K challenge this week. My aim is to get fit, lose weight and get back out there again. I've spent far too many years sat at a desk behind a computer trying to earn a living. Now I want to do some living! I need to lose weight and I am really keen but nervous at starting this challenge. I am at Wk1 Run 2. And... don't laugh but because I feel self-conscious about running and people I know spotting me..... I have started my two runs inside my living room!!!! The thought behind that being, that if I was no good at it, then no one needed to know that I failed or laughed at me when they saw me wobbling about. After the third run, I may well venture outside because it is a bit boring running around the living room to be honest plus the dog thinks I've flipped!!!


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  • Definitely recommend venturing out. I ran on a treadmill for week 1 and crept outside nervously. No one even noticed me, there are lots of other people keeping fit,may cling or running (they all know what it is like) and anyone who does see you will probably fire your determination or be wondering if they could have a go!

    I love running outside now and my confidence is great, I will run anywhere - town or country and I have have some fun adventures with no bad experiences at all (and I am 52 and a little overweight too)! Go for it, let us know how it goes

  • Ahh thanks for your words of encouragement. This is going to be the year that I do it!

  • Ahh, thanks for replying. I will give it a go - hate this rain though!

  • You will feel a little self concious the first time you venture out but there is nothing like running in the fresh air with something new and interesting to look at each time you run. No one will take any notice of you and you will wonder why you where worried!

  • Can you run somewhere nobody knows you?

    There was a phrase I heard somewhere that springs to mind whenever I feel embarrassed about running - " I may be slow/wobbly/out of shape etc but at least I'm lapping everybody on the couch."

    I still think this from time to time But 99.99% of the time I just ignore everybody else since it takes a LOT of concentration to keep running.

  • Yeah, trying to co-ordinate brain and feet and not fall over!

  • Well done for starting. I think many of us have that awful feeling of self consciousness when we start. I know I did. I always went out when it was dark so that I wouldn't be seen :D Now I just don't care any more. If it still seems too daunting you could always try doing half in your living room before you step outside. I just wish I had a living room that was big enough to run in ;)

  • Yeah a large living room has it's advantages especially when it is raining! Thanks for your reply.

  • Aw Fred xxx I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal .

    When I started out I was soo nervous and self conscious that I didn't even wear anything that looked remotely like running gear . I had jeans, coat and trainers on and when it got to the running bits on the podcast, I just pretended that I was in a hurry to get somewhere ! Ha ha ! :-)

    I think once you get out there and overcome that initial feeling of nervousness/embarrassment you will be fine . I tend to always have my headphones in so IF someone did say something , I wouldn't hear them anyway ! And please don't worry about what others may think , you are doing this for YOU , no one else :-)

    When I see others running , I always think to myself " Yeah, Go you ! "

    Good Luck and keep posting ! :-) xxx

  • Ahh thanks for the support, that's a lovely reply.

  • Welcome and well done for getting off the couch!

    Like everyone else that has commented, we all completely understand why you run in your living room. I certainly cannot judge as I do my run in darkness for the very same reasons as you go around the living room!!

    Maybe your dog is up for a little 'jog' and walk??

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your first run outside!

  • My dog is 18 years old and a walk is as much as she can manage! Will let you all know when I venture outside - like tomorrow....

  • I went out about 8pm. It was dark and there were not many people about also not much traffic which is nice for crossing roads. To be honest I didn't take people in much, you have earphones on and you can blend people out pretty much if you want to. No need to look at them when you go past. You also don't need to run far, just run around the block if you want. That way you're not held up by traffic, go further afield when you are running longer blocks. Watch your knees running round the living room. A friend of mine did this . She was frantic to lose weight after giving birth but felt cooped up at home with the baby. She got knee problems from it - and she's a physiotherapist!

  • I had never run and started at 57 so you can do it. I'm not sure people really notice what you look like. Tho' after my first run I met my neighbour who told me I looked like death. 3 years on - yesterday, met her coming back and she said how much she admires me for running. It's much more interesting outside. Good luck.

  • That made me laugh!!!!!! Well done you. It's my running day tomorrow and for some crazy reason I am looking forward to it.....

  • Well done Fred. It's great you have taken the challange to get fitter.

    I was lucky that my hubby started c25k with me so l wasn't on my own so not as self consious, but I realise how difficult getting out there is when you feel people will see you.

    Lots of people run/walk/jog in parks and along pavements nowadays. Any other runners you meet will smile or nod to acknowledge you as they pass and as you will have headphones in you don't have to pay attention to other passers by who are not working as hard as you.

    The important thing is that you want to do it, you will only be out there for 30 mins and will enjoy the fresh air. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

    Good luck with your next run. You are doing it..


  • Ahh, thanks for your reply and encouragement.

  • Well done you for starting this. I still feel a bit self conscious when I run. As I'm 58 year old and slightly overweight I feel even more so when I'm wearing running gear my husband got me for birthday and Christmas. I feel like people are laughing saying "look at her!! What does she think she is? A runner?!!" In reality nobody actually cares!! Other runners usually nod as they go past me or occasionally a couple have slowed down for a quick chat before they sprint off. And you know what? It doesn't matter. I'm doing this for me! Not anyone else. You can do this!! And there's loads of support on here. So don't worry what anyone else is doing....YOU are doing great!! Good luck

  • OMG you meet people wanting to chat - I would have a job to talk!!! Still it is early days for me, I've only done two runs in a quarter of a century! Thanks for your support.

  • Well done getting started - that's the hardest part - you'll soon be hooked - if you aren't already!

    I did the programme in the gym - that was very daunting at first - til I realised no-one gives you a 2nd glance - all too wrapped up in their own workouts.

    Once I did venture out I cant say as I paid much attention to anyone really - usually more worried about people's dogs! I did and still do tend to watch the runners as they pass me - wondering if one day I'll be able to run like that :)

    Keep on going

  • Other people's dogs - omg never thought about that... It will be fine, I will be able to run away right?!!!!

  • Absolutely

    You'll be fine. I'm just a bit fearful of dogs, I'm sure they sense it and always seem to want to come and say hello/have a sniff, which scares me all the more!

    Do watch out for those on leads tho, I've nearly been tripped up twice where the owner was one side if the path, the dog the other and I hadn't noticed the lead 🙄

    Very nearly a you've been framed moment 😀 Just as well I run so slowly ?!

    You'll be fine, it is much nicer out than in

  • well done for getting started. don't worry what people think, just get out there and run. Wait till run 3 if you must, but do it as soon as you can. I'm late 50s and well overweight, but after a year I'm still running. I know it's a cliche, but if I can do it so can you. Run slowly and never give in.

  • Thank you for your encouragement and congratulations to you for your achievement!!!!

  • Exactly Pam! We are doing it for us!!! I don't think anyone gives a flying fig what we're up to, and I think we're largely invisible once we get out there. I was mortified about donning lycra but luckily it's quite forgiving and holds everything in. You put a long top or jacket over it and hey presto. I ran on local trails where I thought I'd not see anyone I knew. After a bit though you think " to hell with it". I'd run my first ten mile race before my husband and son found out. I didn't see any reason to tell them, knowing they'd only take the wotsit

  • Wow, you ran a ten mile race before your husband and son found out!!! How did you train without them knowing and congratulations to you, well done!!

  • I took myself off to the local country park in the car. Weekends were trickier to leave and return unseen 😊 it was my undoing as he found out when he locked me out and I had to knock on the door to be let in. There I was in run tights, trainers and bright pink run jacket.

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