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Happy New Year


I went to a party at friends last night, there were four adults and 25ish 17-19 year olds. One of the young girls asked if I had any resolutions for the new year planned.... to complete the C25K I replied, along with a string of other promises to myself (keep the ironing up to date, book a sight test, bp check) you get the jist, etc.... She replied, I'll do it with you, we'll go in the morning....

I arrived home about 2:30, set an alarm and got my clothes, trainers etc ready for my alarm to go off and went to bed.

I didn't jump out of bed enthusiastically this morning, it was a sluggish struggle, especially when I saw it was raining (I've never enjoyed getting my eyelashes wet, random fact I know) I could have easily gone back to bed, but knowing my new buddy, close mate of my 19 year old, would be expecting me, I got up, dressed and out the door.

We walked, chatted, ran (where instructed) giggled and made our way round the village wishing others as we passed them a Happy New Year.

I am very pleased I have now started yet again.

This year I am going to succeed, I will run a full 5k, I've already made a new friend and we're only half way through day one.

Happy New Year to all that read this .

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What a fab result 😀 Well done for starting which is the hardest bit. Use the forum for it's fab support and advice and remember if it gets tough just slow down then slow down some more. Enjoy! Happy running 👟🏃👟👟

Thank you, I'll be posting today's outing shortly...


Well done you😊And what a great way to start a new year & im positive you will be at that 5k before you know it😊And with a new running buddy! Happy New Year😊

Wannabefitchick in reply to Pc59

Thank you

What a great post, well done on your first step out the door and welcome to the world that the sentence "I run". Will bring you many a happy conversations and new found friends.

I know, I've lots of friends that have "the bug", one of them ran the Edinburgh marathon last year, she's an inspiration to me


That first step out the door, when there's loads of reasons not to, is a great achievement.

Enjoy your journey & running pal!

Thank you for replying, I know exactly what you mean, there's always lots to be done, this year I'm going to spend a bit more time taking care of me.


What a great post to start the year! Well done on getting up and out. Keep running, keep posting, keep giggling (lots of that on here) and let us know how you go so we can shout encouragement! Happy New Year to you! :)

Thank you for your support, I had lots of fun with my new buddy yesterday. Definitely keeping it up


Fabulous start to the new year, well done!

I did a Parkrun with my son this morning and agree the weather was atrocious, but you got out there so even better! My son kept telling me ' only runners out today' so that means you and I are runners!

Keep going, you can do this, keep posting too!

Brilliant thank you

Get yourself a cap, the peak will keep your eyelashes from getting wet in future :-) rain can actually be quite refreshing as long as it's not running down your face!

Wannabefitchick in reply to rmoo

Thank you, I'm one of those that didn't like getting my face wet in a swimming pool, I've since learnt to dive and love it now. The wet eyelashes thing is something I'll overcome, I need to face my demons.

rmoo in reply to Wannabefitchick

I'm the same, I've never learnt to swim "properly" beyond breast stroke as I can't put my head under water. Would love to be able to front crawl, perhaps a New Years resolution!


Love this story

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