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Another newbie

Determined not to be a fat mother of the bride, I have started today. I knew I would gasping for breath by the end - and I was- but I did it! I am one of those headline makers - early 50's, overweight and totally unfit. And I have little confidence in my ability to loose weight or get fit, but I am starting here! And hopefully, by our daughters wedding at the end of August, I can feel proud of myself as well as of her!

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Yay! Well done for taking those first steps :)

You'll find lots of support and encouragement on here - I certainly have :D

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Well done on deciding to do C25K! Best of luck, I'm sure you will do it, lots of support, fun and encouragement on here! Keep us posted on your progress!

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Welcome.. you have come to the right place. You have done the hardest bit.. you started :)

Well done you !

The support you will get here, is amazing, friendly, and really helpful. Post your runs when you can, successes and setbacks, (we never use the 'f' word, ;fail' on here..shhh) .. we will be here for you. Encouraging, sympathising, cheering you on, and giving the odd small shove if necessary.. :)

Take it slow and steady...you will hear those words, so many times..it is the only way really! Take your rest days.. and if you need to take an extra on, then do it. this is your journey and you do it your own way.

Listen to your body...it will protest like mad at the start... well, if you are anything like many of us :) But then, it sort of settles...but don't push too hard...this should be fun.

You have a terrific incentive... and want to look amazing for your daughter's wedding. You can do it... :)

So.. we look froward to your next post...

This is the start of anything you want it to be... go for it! :)


Welcome and well done for getting started! That first run is really hard - a lot of us have found it harder than some of the later ones. The breathing does improve and you'll be able to run for longer without gasping. People have already said about taking rest days. Another thing is that it's ok for a 'week' of the programme to take more than 7 days and 3 runs - if you need to do a particular run 2 or 3 times instead of just once, that's fine or if you have a run when you don't quite finish that's fine too - it's just a practice(as Oldfloss said, we don't use the f word!). I'm sure you can do it and your daughter can be really proud of you :-)


Well done, I started today as well ,I also have a wedding as motivation👰 But it's mine😀 Good luck with it and hears to a happy and healthier new year.


We look forward to helping you get there - and then you can show us the wedding pictures

Good luck.


You're in good company, I think we all remember gasping for air and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into during that first run. The first run is the hardest, by August you won't believe how far you've come.


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