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Couch to 5K
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Apple shaped newbie

Hello, I am nearly and the end of week one. I would like some advice on maybe adding strength work outs to my "rest day".

My second run was actually slightly harder than my first. My legs felt sooo heavy like dead weights with no strength and were jelly by the end but I did more running than the first (I think this was more mental discipline than anything else)

I am wondering if this is because I am an over weight apple shape so my legs are very slim but I am heavy on top.

Will this get better by itself or is there something I could be doing???

I am loving it though. Would love to continue x

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Doing strength exercises is always a good thing and something everything should be doing, regardless of age, shape etc.

That said, it might be an idea to acclimatise to the demands of the running programme for a couple of weeks before adding more to the mix.


The body will complain, hang in there and you could always do the strength and flex programme on your rest days if you felt able to fit that in....

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JuJu is right Laura it's early days yet why not see how Week 2 goes, if your legs feel a little bit stronger and less leadlike, then maybe introduce it. The one thing that is a must is listen to your body, as we'd hate for you to have an injury so early on. Well done you for Week 1 - always the hardest kicking the couch and working your plan into your life


For me, it was a must. I worked on strengthening my thighs, (exercises recommended by a physio), stamina was helped by swimming, core muscles by planks. It's far simpler and easier than it sounds, actually it's fun for most of the time. It was a must as I insulted my body for decades through physical neglect, but the same body is clearly lovin' it now. We all have different bodies and demands, in my case l visited several people who helped immensely (physio, osteopath & ex competitive distance runner), picked up lots of goodies from this forum and put my realistic targets together. I'm sure you will find your comfortable best irrespective of age, shape and weight, simply hang in there and keep positive. All the best!

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I found these knee strengthening exercises to be good for overall leg strength:



Slow and steady works.... you can add strength and flex...:)


Do them, as many of us did on our rest days... swim, cycle, or walk... it all helps... :)

But, in these first weeks there are aches and pains.. it is the norm!

Go you!


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