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Week 8 run 1 - Tough but done

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Really didn't want to do this run, felt sore all over, I've had a bit of a cold and just generally meh.

Forced myself out of the door.

That not feeling able or in the mood for a run didn't really change much during the run - had plenty of niggles and gremlins telling me 'just stop' - legs were like lead at the end but I finished it.

Getting there slowly but surely.

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Slow and steady is the way...you beat the gremlins.. and you were not on form. A runner.. you did it... take a rest.. and if needs be, take two rest days..:)

it's a journey, not a race... so just go with it :) Well done!

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Well done David, a great run!

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These are the days where the 'runner' is made - you just got out there anyway! Well done🙂🙂!

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Well done for getting out there. It's not easy at the moment but you did it - a runner!

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Well done for getting out there. I started week 8 on Tuesday and found it tough as well. I think it's just this time of year (too much food, no routine, and too many germs flying around!!

We're nearly there!! :)

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davidy233 in reply to CookieM

I'm fine with routine at the moment - not having a drink at all in December has definitely made the running easier and I've not overeaten - but I agree about the bugs flying around - hopefully some warmth in Florida from Sunday onwards will cure my sniffles.

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CookieMGraduate in reply to davidy233

Ooo - jealous now!! But I hope it works! :D

Maybe leave an extra rest day between this one and your next run

I had an extra rest day (well actually not rest but not running), ran Monday and then Thursday - don't think a 16 hour day working on Wednesday did me any favours - Last day in an office for a couple of weeks today

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boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to davidy233

That'll be it then on top of the cold. Next run will be easier

Hopefully :-)

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