Chickened out!

Today was supposed to be a run day so I dragged myself out of bed early as usual and got all my gear on. As I stepped out of the back door the stars were out in force, it looked wonderful. But unfortunately that clear sky meant a very hard frost here. As I got to the end of my drive and on the pavement I realised just how hard, very slippy twinkly pavements. I carried on for a little while but looking ahead all I could see was frosty ground so I turned round and came home. Oh dear :( Better to be safe than sorry I suppose...


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8 Replies

  • At least you tried!! It is hard going when frosty & slippy😊 here's to better weather & lighter nights! There is plenty more days ahead!

  • I don't blame you! I'm hoping to get out today, hopefully in a couple of hours it might have thawed a bit. I'm not holding out much hope though, last year I found that there were patches of frost after long stretches of thawed areas, I think it depends on the road surface. On the tow path the surface seems to change every 25 MTs or so, especially where it's been repaired. Some people seem to manage though, I wonder how?

  • Very is one of the only things that stops me..I had a fall once.. not running, but it was really painful.

    I also remember posting before Graduation last year, about being out for a run and suddenly being on an icy patch.. so had to learn ice-skating quickly! :)

    The run will be there when the ice and frost has gone.... plan the run in your head... and.. at least you had a good start to the day.. a waking wintry world and twinkling stars.. lovely! :)

  • I've often gone out running when it's frosty, but it's hard work and I come home knowing all about it as my leg muscles are far more tired just from the constant tensing and being ready in case I fall. The main reason I run in the dark and frost is because that's my only time - so if you have any choice, I'd avoid it. Here, the pavements are uneven and poorly maintained, which (ironically) means they don't get too slippery, but if you live somewhere with live even pavements I'm sure they're much more treacherous,

    Far better to miss a day or two and keep safe than to go out, fall over on the ice, and miss a few weeks due to injury.

  • Better safe than sorry, even if it does look pretty :)

  • Yes I agree, better to leave it for another day.

  • I know, I had to be extra careful on my run too as it was very slippy... you did the right thing, however long or short you got out there, thats fantastic :)

  • It's looking like another frosty morning tomorrow too :( The only chance I have to get out on work days is first thing. Maybe I'll leave it till Saturday when I can go in the daytime. I feel like a right wimp not going though

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