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Finally out there again

After 2 weeks with no running because of coughing etc, I finally went out again today.

I was almost looking forward to it while warming up, doing lots of stretches and wearing my new running top. My last run was 28 minutes, but that was hard to reach and was a while ago, so I decided to run for 2x 10 minutes.

When I started my run I felt good, I quickly found a good pace and my music encouraged me (Foo Fighters!). The air was very cold and uncomfortable to start with, and I had to concentrate to breathe in through my nose. I did manage to inhale at least 2 flies - which I could have done without - but they were very small and encourage me to practice breathing through my nose more!!

After 10 minutes I did need a break and was feeling a little wobbly. I had a 5 min break, mainly because mapmywalk gives 5 minute intervals, and started to run again. After 5 minutes I was doing ok, but at the end of the 2nd 10 min run I was really tired and slightly nauseous. This soon passed on my cool down walk and I was very pleased to have done so well. It has reassured me that I can still do it after all!

I ran at a fair pace while I was out, and even overtook a couple of people. They were only walking, but still that's good for me!

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Well done you will soon be back to running 28 minutes I'm sure. Overtaking anyone is an achievement and should be celebrated, I always feel exhilarated when I overtake people no matter what speed they are moving. It shows we are progressing. Keep running


Flies are an important source of protein when running, make sure you scoop up as many as possible!


I wish we had like buttons here! Cute, mabbers! :-)


Well done! So happy you're feeling better and able to take off running again! You will soon be back at the 28 minutes! Wishing you continued success! Gayle


Well done arablue, getting back out there, I've been off sick for 13 days with a really bad virus that caused breathing problems, I was doing so well getting up to 6k and am hoping to go running on Thursday, I'm a little bit apprehensive, but having read your blog you've inspired me to go for it. So wish me luck and thankyou


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