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Wk8R2 tight calf again


A less than enjoyable run today. From 5 mins in my right calf was really tight and uncomfortable. I slowed my pace right down and through sheer will power I made myself finish the run. A win for mind over matter but slightly concerned about my calf muscle. It’s not pain - just tightness which comes and goes a bit and stops as soon as I started my cool down walk. I’ll have 2-3 rest days and see how a run on Saturday goes.

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Great job.

Are you doing the post run stretches? They help, as will a foam roller or deep muscle massage. Slowing down is the way to get through this too... I was reading an article that prescribes more aerobic running for such issues. runnersworld.com/advanced/a...

Try to keep the legs working on non-running days... and enjoy that run on Saturday

RunnerWhaleGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Yes I always do the post run stretching and also the walking for warming up/cooling down. I might give the foam roller a go - my other calf is absolutely fine!

Hidden in reply to RunnerWhale

I bought myself a roller and OMG it hurt! But don’t give up as the relief I felt after a few days was amazing 😉

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Hidden

It’s a wonderful form of self torture 😂😂

I developed a recurring tight and painful right calf problem at the beginning of week 7. I took 10 days or so off, made sure my hydration was ok and bought my first proper pair of running shoes which corrected my pronation problems. What worked? No idea but I went back to week 5, built it up again and the problem went away. If the same problem keeps coming back, I would say best to give it a rest and look at your footwear and maybe hydration too given the warm weather. Hope you fix it soon😊😊

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