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C25k Christmas Eve virtual parkrun and my 100th parkrun

I did my first parkrun for my graduation run in May 2014 and today I did my 100th parkrun. I had never in my life run before starting C25k at the age of 52 and I'm still at it. I have run at 7 different parkruns and have enjoyed them all. I will never be super fast, still never managed a sub 30 min 5k, but hey, I'm out there every Saturday either running or volunteering. I love C25k and I love parkrun. Happy Christmas everyone and I really hope you first time parkrunners enjoyed the morning ! I'm the one with the darker clothing, and is that me with both feet off the ground ? Possibly...that'll be a first....

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100! Great result HP, speed doesn't matter it's getting out there and enjoying yourself well done. Happy Christmas to you and your family. 😊

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Thanks Frank, and to you and yours too.

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Congratulations on the 100! Fab post, fab run, fab photo! Merry Christmas

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What a lovely photo and a smashing post. Well done, my goodness, you have run in loads of parkruns, haven't you! Do you get something special for making a century? Happy Christmas! 🎄☃🎅🏻🎉🎁🍾😀👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

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Thank you ! Yes, I get a lovely black parkrun t shirt with '100' on the back which I will wear with pride. I've also got the red '50' one and purple '25' volunteers one. So much choice !

That's a brilliant achievement henpen! Blimey, 100 park runs! Go you.

Have a very Happy Christmas and enjoy your park runs in 2017 x

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Thank you !

Great photo. Think first "Action" photo I've seen today. Congratulations on your 100th Park run.

Have a good Christmas.

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Congratulations henpen! 100 is a massive achievement. Well done x

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Wow -well done. That's so impressive!

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100! That's just fab, well done HP xx

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Excellent achievement HenPen and a very nice photo to commemorate the occasion. Well done :)

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Brilliant ! Well done Hen, Congratulations on a fantastic achievement , and for the photo with both feet off the ground ! :-) xxx

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I have examined it in great detail a la 'Blowup' and yes , both feet are def off the floor ! Result !

Great photo Henpen and congrats on your 100th. Merry Christmas 😊

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Thank you !

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