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Eve of my 1st ever c25k run

Ok so 23 hrs and 53mins i will be out hitting the pavements :).

Will need to make do with trainers I have atm until i can get newer ones.

Not at all nervous now got my breakfast planned at 8am so gives my stomach 2 hrs to digest.

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Well done. Let us all know how you get on. I started out with old trainers. Well they were really technically "walking" trainers but they did the job. As others will say take it steady and slow.

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Had a walk to visit my dad at the care home and planned my route on the way as the way i walk there is a field with a path (muddy at the min) one side hen a play park further up so can do my running there then gradually add distance as the weeks go on

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Good for you Chelle! What's for brekky then? Sommat digestible is best.

See how you go on with the shoes. if your feet hurt or are sore etc you might have to head for Lidl on Thursday morning.

Have an early night! Good luck. You'll be fine. Allow 30 minutes from start to finish. It could take longer but no much. It's just steady walk with a little jogette or two thrown in. Laura (or whoever your podcaster is) will tell you exactly what to do. Do the jog bits really slowly and you'll be fine

You can tell us about it when you get back. Set the alarm!

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porridge and satsuma for breakfast with a glass of sparkling water

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I live on porridge! Sparkling water is my drink of choice if I go out. At the pub I have a tiny bit of lime cordial in it, ice and a slice. At home I have a tidge of elderflower cordial in it. I am liking Clementines at the moment. Lots of VitC in em. Jaffas are really sweet at the moment too. Yummy

Good luck Chelle! There will be others starting out, as you are, fresh off the couch as it were. You can compare notes

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I will update you all when i get back. doing it 10 am as have work at 1pm so will need to clean down lol

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Okidoke! Have fun! Set off with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.Think about us lot cheering you on from the sidelines. Let's hear it for the girl............. tra la la

My motto tomorrow is- Today is a new day and the start of your new life. Grab it while you can nobody knows what is round the corner.

that is Avery...very sentiment GO FOR IT, ..if your body say's stop,then just and have a rest before trying again GOOD LUCK!....Stevy.

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Best of luck - hope it goes well. You can do it! :)

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Absolutely you don't.

I was all set to do bog all this afto, post run, bath and lunch when OH asked me to help him shift a freezer outside into the shed. It was pouring with rain, and our lethal steps are steep and slippery. I slipped, my leg went underneath me and the freezer fell on my sodding knee cap, the screwy levelling foot thing 🙄😩😡 Bah! 🙄

It really hurt. Ok now though thank goodness

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Oh no that sounds horrid poor you! Take it easy hope you don't have any damage xx

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Good Luck Chelle, you can do this !

Please let us know how you get on, we are all rooting for you ! :-) xxx

Thanks everyone. popping a hoody on so nobody knows its me as nobody is used to me in a hoody. The other day I was busy tidying and my mum asked me to meet her and joked saying I can't. Had hoody on and waved at her when she got off the bus. she waved back but confused so just shows how incognito I am haha

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Lots of us, me included, hid ourselves away like bloody ninjas to avoid being spotted wearing the dreaded lycra ☺

There is a really funny 99p kindle book called No Run Intended and it details one woman's hilarious attempts to conceal her running. Well worth a read 😊

did any1 keep a diary/journal while on c25k

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Yes, me! I did it mainly as I was trying to lose weight at the time, and I was given a lovely journal by WW 🙂

It will be a really useful thing. Do it 🙂

Well done on getting on out there - the program is just fabulous. I didn't keep a diary of my running but did keep a food diary as I too am following the WW plan :D

. I didn't need to keep a diary as I blogged every run on here, the highs and lows and found everyone was very supportive - it is a great forum and all the graduates (myself included) had days where we ran like gazelles and days when we run with lead legs but whatever kind of run we had, there is always the exhilaration of achievement at the end. xx

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