Three Wise Monkeys

Three Wise Monkeys

Tried the Stamina podcast this morning for my run, and coupled that with my hilly running route, which may have been a bit ambitious. It started well, and as far as I could tell, the gremlins were nowhere to be seen as I strode briskly through the park and toward my first downhill slope.

It was cold out there, but with my buff round my ears, and gloves on I soon began to warm up as Laura told me to pick up the pace. The first uphill incline was a little daunting, but I tried my best to stay with the beat of the music, and soon as I was at the top, jogging between two open fields. And that was when the gremlins decided to strike. If they couldn’t put me off by tripping me up or turning my legs to lead they decided to drag the sun out from behind a cloud, low in the sky, causing temporary blindness. So not only was I feeling like the blind monkey, See No Evil, I also didn’t spot the patch of ice along the path and ended up skidding into a rather ungraceful pirouette, ending up on the floor, and then my vertigo decided that now was a time to start the world spinning around me, just to make things extra fun.

It took me a couple of minutes to recover myself, and although it was a little like trying to run while having a ride on a walzer, I needed to carry on or risk getting frostbite. I gradually settled into a rhythm and once I turned a corner the sun was no longer directly in front of me and I could enjoy the beauty of the sunbathed countryside.

Fortunately I had another downhill slope as Laura told me to pick up the pace some more and I sped from the village back down towards the park. I hardly flinched at the next uphill, and was soon relishing the fact that I would soon be on the homeward straight. As blinding me hadn’t worked for long, the gremlins decided it was time to play with my already impaired hearing. They combined forces to route several aircraft to come in to the nearby airport low over the park, while pulling my single earphone out of my ear. Not only could I Hear No Evil, I couldn’t even hear Laura!

I carried on undeterred (well actually I was deterred, but I carried on anyway) and managed to get the earphone back into my hearing ear, only to hear Laura tell me that I needed to speed up even more for the final 5 minutes. Perhaps it would have been better if I’d remained unable to hear her, but I did as best as I could.

As I segued into the final cool down walk I realized I had now transformed into the final monkey as I was so out of breath I was unable even to grunt at my neighbor walking her dog, who walked alongside me wanting to chat about Christmas. Speak No Evil… I wasn’t even able to say hello.

Perhaps, as it’s a festive time, next run I could encounter the Three Wise Men rather than the Three Wise Monkeys.


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31 Replies

  • If EVER there was a post encapsulating "The hell with perfection - I'm not going to quit progressing no matter what goes wrong!" this is it.

    My hat is most definitely off to you!

  • Thanks Irish-John. I just know that if I don't push myself my health problems will have won. :-)

  • You are a survivor so - not a victim :)

  • Fantastic post, really inspirational! Well done finishing the run, kicked those gremlins definitely into touch for sure😀🏃🏻‍♀️😀🏃🏻

  • Thanks Jacs. For some reason I keep thinking that now I've graduated the gremlins will leave me alone... they have other ideas. 🤔🏃🏾‍♀️

  • Ah but so do you have ideas that are different to theirs, and you are beating them every time!

    Ace! 👍🏼🏃🏼‍♀️🎅🏼

  • What a wonderful description of your run! Well done for having the stubbornness to defeat the gremlins, as they tried to take you down. :)

  • They definitely took me down, but I was pleased that I could get up again. Especially as it was so chilly. 🙂

  • Good on you for keeping going. Hope you're alright and the next run will go better. Still, an eventful run with gremlins in tow is so much better than no run at all. You gave those gremlins a run for their money ;)

  • I'm fine, just a little bruised, fortunately there was no one around to witness my fall. 😂

  • I think I would have admitted defeat when the vertigo set in. You are awesome.

  • this time two years ago, when all my 👂🏼 probs started I couldn't even walk as the vertigo was so bad, and I had to shuffle to the bathroom as I was so sick. So I've had to try my hardest to gradually overcome it. It's still a pain, but I'm trying not to let it stop me from doing what I want to do.

  • ha ha I like it! You get extra kudos for running the stamina podcast uphill. So glad it is so flat here :)

  • 🤓

  • Well done Raz! Great post, very entertaining, but I hope that you are OK after that slide? Bet you are feeling so great now though to have completed that run! :)

  • I'm ok thanks, bit achey now, but it'll pass. Just wondering whether or not to do parkrun on Saturday or to have a rest day. 🤔

  • Can you leave it until Friday evening and see how you're feeling then? If you feel full of beans, you can go for it! If not, have a well deserved lie in! 😊

  • Brilliant post ! Apart from being physically floored by the ice , you did well to get over the shock of it. Hail to your stubbornness !

    Have a good Christmas !

  • Thanks Joe. Are you doing parkrun again on Saturday?

  • Unfortunately not. Have to work Saturday mornings. I may take the odd day off and fit in a couple. They may do a New years Day run on Sunday but they haven't confirmed yet. Never mind.

    I'll stick to my current cunning plan of trying out the podcasts a.nd mixing up my runs a bit. My happy meter is still high !

  • What a fabulous post (and love the random tags)😁

  • I'm always intrigued to know who puts the tags on the posts, and why.

  • Goodness, you sound like my twin! I have vertigo, and only one ear I can hear out of to any extent (that is what you meant isn't it?) I first tried Stamina on a hilly route too, it took me several goes to crack it, so well done you!

  • Yes, Curlygurly that's exactly what I meant. I had viral labrynthritis two years ago, and it completely wiped out the functioning of my right inner ear. So had sudden hearing loss, chronic vertigo, and also caused constant tinnitus and hyperacusis too. Christmas 2014 I couldn't even walk. I have a Cros Aid to help with hearing, but it doesn't work very well, and I can't wear it running in case either part falls off/out. 👂🏼

  • I've always had ear problems, I was born with almost no hearing in my left ear, about 50% in the right. It's crap isn't it? It's got worse as I've got older, I get Labrynthitis too, with vertigo and puking up. I had to give up swimming because of it, the head movements when breathing set it all off. Loud noises do too, does that happen to you? Bright or flashing lights are awful. Strangely/luckily, I'm fine when running usually. I'm seeing the ENT specialist in January. Do you find people take the pi**?

  • Yes, it is rubbish. I couldn't believe how hard it is to hear with only one ear. All sorts of things set my vertigo off too including bright lights and also darkness. Flashing lights are a real problem this time of year, with all the flashing Christmas tree lights. Standing up is sometimes a problem, or just looking up. Running has at times being difficult as I also find changes in floor surfaces destabilises me, so moving from a tarmac path onto grass, or from grass to mud can be a problem. But I'm not going to let it put me off. It's so lovely to meet someone who knows what it's like. ☺️

    Some people are quite unkind taking the p... and I found it quite hard at school (I'm a teacher) some of the parents thought I was drunk. 😵

  • The deafness doesn't really bother me too much, I was born with it so don't know any different. The big problem came when I moved to France, and tried to learn the language. The French speak very quietly, and I couldn't lip read, or interpret face/hand gestures as they are all different.Up until then I really had very little idea just how deaf I am! I got some hearing aids which helped enormously.

    Yes, someone said they had seen me staggering about the worse for wear once, and someone snuck up on my deaf side the other day and shouted in my ear...everyone laughed, yeah ha ha very funny. He should know better lacking an eye as he is, and walks with crutches...still, for some people it's nice to find someone worse off (as they think)

    Yours sounds probably worse than mine, darkness is not a problem, and different floor surfaces I've never thought about, so I guess they don't bother me. Looking up, or round quickly does make me dizzy. My husband suffers with it too to some extent, we hold each other up sometimes!

    Have you heard of the Epley manoeuvre? That can help some people if it's a vestibular problem, I might ask and see if it's suitable for me.

    Well done sticking to the running, yes, it's nice to meet someone who understands. xxxx

  • I have a combination of labs and BPPV causing my vertigo, so have done lots of VRT as well as having several Eppley Manouvres. Eppley is moderately helpful in short term, and VRT also made quite a difference when I was learning how to cope with walking etc.

    I've also had a lot of drugs to help limit the nausea, and to cope with travel etc.

    I can't believe that guy sneaking up on your deaf side and shouting. 😤

  • I'm not sure what VRT is...I Googled but no joy..You sound a lot worse than me, I've had 3 or 4 very bad episodes in the last 4 or 5 years, I mostly have a low level nausea/dizziness, but only a few times has it been really bad, so that I've vomited. I'm so sorry you have this, you sound very brave in the way you deal with it.

    The guy who shouted in my ear had no idea how much he would hurt me, and has been very sorry and apologetic, I doubt he'll do it again.

    Wishing you all the best xxx

  • VRT = Vestibular Rehabilitatio Treatment

    Involves lots of exercises to challenge and improve balance


  • Wow what an eventful outing! Glad you persevered and hope you don't feel too bad for too long after your fall. Well done for battling on through :)

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