Not even sleet, icy gusts....or monkeys

Could stop this girl from completing week 5! Yeh! Feels like a milestone. I didn't much feel like going for a run this morning. Had a funny day yesterday. Was also feeling just a tad nervous. Even the other half told me to go back to sleep.

I would have loved to stay cosy and warm in my bed, but I forced my weary bones out of the door and into a cold dark and miserable pre-dawn. I was determined to get it over with. Come what may.

I believed laura when she told me I could do it, I had worked for it. I am amazing myself with this drive to keep going on this programme. It's almost a compulsion. Feels strange. But good. I think the 20minute run had made me believe I can get to the end. And that is saying a lot. I was a rather unfit, large specimen when I started, still am really. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey...


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12 Replies

  • Well done tish. The biggest obstacle for most of us

    is the inbuilt wish to stay in or the warm when we really

    should go running. I am the same as everybody else.

    Good luck and keep going, Ed x

  • Well done! Sometimes I think we are all mad for starting this in the winter. Then I cheer myself up by thinking how much better the spring and summer runs will be if I am fitter, and I will really appreciate the light and the lack of frost.

  • Yes I think that too, though I quite like the cool. It's a great thing we are doing. :)

  • Nice one. W5R3 is indeed a milestone. To many people including me, it was the point I knew I could complete this if I put in the time.

    Well Done and keep up the good work.

  • Brilliant - it is amazing, isn't it - the drive to do something that is not really enjoyable in the dark and the cold?! Well done for ignoring your husband and your warm and cosy bed.

  • Fantastic job, well done! The biggest hurdle, as everyone says, is getting out of the warmth and just doing it, but it's worth it for your running achievement. Keep up the great work :-D

  • Thanks everyone. It gives me inspiration seeing those green badges next to your names and hopefully one day I might have one.

  • Well done. I have my last Week 5 run to do tomorrow and am feeling very nervous about it.

  • Hi Auranya! If it helps at all just believe what laura says, you have worked up to this, you can do it, just keep going. My main problem has always been breathing. But for the first time my legs started to get heavy. Any big doubts I had though were just mental, and I did have big doubts. If I can do it I am sure you can too. Good luck for tomorrow! Tricia

  • For me it's the legs and sometimes I get a funny taste in my mouth + feel a bit sick. My top half always feels like it can run further whereas my legs are telling me to stop!

  • Beautifully done, Tish!! W5 is indeed a wonderful milestone!! You are now more than halfway through the program and you know that you can run for at least 20 minutes!! Now, that is what I call progress and something to be very proud of!! You most certainly can complete this program and then so much more!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thank you Steve. I was very pleased last week and I believed! Started wk6 this morning, and like some others here I struggled a bit on the second 8 min run. I know it was a mental struggle, but I got through it. Was wondering at the time if I would ever be able to run for 20mins again. But I have run past that struggle and am looking forwards to Wednesday and run 2. ;) Tricia

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