We are on our way to Norn Iron for the holidays. As ever packing & sorting was left to the last minute. (When will we learn....?!)

So while my hubby was away filling the petrol tank & checking the tyre pressure, I decided I had time for a quick HIT - 3 minute warm up walk & then 5 repeats of 30:20:10. Followed by 5 min cool down walk. (Not sure I'll time the hill for either the 20 or 10 burst again, I'll make sure it's a 30!!!!)

It worked! I was home & changed before he got back & so couldn't tell me I had no time to run today!!!

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  • HIT = High Intensity Training, right? Can you tell me what "5 repeats of 30:20:10" means? I mean all in all - sounds impressive! lol

  • Yes exactly High Intensity Exercise

    30 secs jog; 20 secs faster & 10 secs at full speed.

    I would quite often do it with walking at the three speeds.

    After every blocks of 5 repeats, you should walk for a minute - but I only had time to do one set. 😀 (lol according to my hubby I didn't have time to do any!!!)

  • This is going to take a while if the answers going to come in one letter at a time.... lol

  • ha ha I'm on the ferry & I think sharing the wifi with a few hundred others!

  • Awesome timing with the OH, if not with the hill. You superstar!

  • HIIT workouts really don't take long at all, which is what makes them great when time happens to be tight. They also keep the body burning calories afterwards, as it works to repay its oxygen debt, so be sure to enjoy an extra glass this evening.

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