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Parkrun done, looking forward to Week 9!

So yesterday I headed over to Peckham to try my hand at Parkrun.

Had to walk a couple of times for perhaps 5 minutes altogether, so when I got my time through on email later I was shocked to see my first ever 5k took 32 minutes 33 seconds! Wow! I was sure I'd taken 40+ minutes!

Tomorrow is W9R1, getting up to 30 mins continuously. Perhaps in a few weeks I'll be back at Parkrun and not walking for a sub-30 minute PB :)

Have a great week everyone!

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Well done Paul !! That's great time for a first 5K and now you have something to work at. Very best of luck with week 9, you should have the confidence to really nail it now.


Well done.

Trying to pluck up the energy to get to my first Parkrun. My closest is a 45min drive, and that seems a lot of effort for a Saturday morning


Oh, that's a long way away ! I have got one 5 mins away, one 15 mins away and two more within half an hour so am spoilt for choice. It's debatable whether its worth driving 45 mins for a 30-40 mins run unless you can combine it with something else nearby. What a shame..


It's one of the downsides of living in the middle of nowhere - we're a 10 ish minute drive to the nearest shop! The benefits outweigh the negatives though.

Will do a Parkrun one day, just to say I have :)


You're in a good place to complete week 9 and graduate - good luck.

My nearest parkrun is in Bristol and warns of hills.. so that's put me off a but once I've got my fitness up a bit (had a period of illness but getting back on track :) ) I think I will give it a go.

Hope to see you with your shiny medal this time next week :) xx


I went to the Ashton Court park run in Bristol last week when I was on holiday, and like you I was worried about the hill but actually it was fine... (and I met the panthering legend JuicyJu !!) Do it ! It's fun !


Well I will do, thank you!

I wonder how Juicyju got on in the HM - haven't seen a post yet.


No I've been thinking about her all day...


WEll done Paul!!!!! You'll soon be a Graduate. Crikey how time flies

Congrats on your time. That's really good. You should be dead proud

All this talk of Bristol reminds me that I am visiting there in a few weeks. I've never been there before and am staying for the weekend. I am supposed to be doing a training run while I am there. If anyone can suggest a route for me I'd be grateful. Also any "must see" places for me to check out while I'm there

Ta x


Brilliant! Great time too...


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