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Week 9 run 1. A day to forget

I had it in my head id make the 5k...

I should have stopped before I started. I run with my dog, so got him in the car, shut the boot and that was my keys locked in the car. Along with the house keys where my spare set was.

Once i resolved that issue and got going. 10 mins into my run i went over my ankle but Kept going.

I go along a dirt track road and have never ever met car on it today I met 3 and a horse! One was car going so fast it spooked my dog so was hard to get him to the side.

I must of had to stop for about a minute or so between cars and the horse.

When I eventually got going again I went over the ankle and other twice.

Total distance. 4.9k ankle in an ice pack

Sorry for theramblings. :(

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Oh dear - Things started off badly and got worse! There will always be a few challenging runs but well done for persevering and doing 4.9k despite all the problems!


Ouch! I hope your ancle gets better soon.


oh dear! But so close to 5 k so well done! Sure your next run will be a good one!


Some times it is just like that! I hope the ankle is better soon. I can find myself getting unreasonably frustrated at a car having the cheek to drive down the lane when I'm running and then they slow down to pass, nightmare - don't they see I'm on a mission! Take care of that leg.


Ohhh not a good run but still a run done and a whole 5K!

As a newbie on week 2 I am very envious of that distance!!

Hope your ankle heals quickly and you get back on track soon.


I think nearly 5k for week 9 run 1 is very good. You must have the right speed


Thanks for all the messages folks. Went for W9R2 today, boy did I struggle. Managed it. Think I must have hurt my knee last week as it was sore today.

So question is I have a 5k on Sunday so I rest to then or try and fit my graduate ru in. (I have a session at gym Tomorrow and Thursday)


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