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Just starting couch to 5k


Hi, I’m new to running, never run a step in my life but always wanted to.

There’s a fun running club not far from me but I want to be a lot fitter before I join them, I’m only on day 3 so I know it will get a lot tougher, ive also got 4 stone to lose, I’m a pound and a half off my stone award, I’m trying to totally change my attitude to food and fitness and I’m starting from nothing , so any help greatly received

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Well first of all well done on starting the program 👍😊take each run as it comes as the program works and believe in yourself you can run & you can do this!! I am also trying to lose weight & I definitely find once running bug kicks in, and it soon does, you then feel more luke eating healthy food & the combination works! Good luck on your journey & keep posting we all love to hear how everyone is getting on & loads of good tips & advice! Slow & steady my motto as I sometimes started too quick then struggled on longer runs! 😊

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Thanks for the advise, my ultimate goal would be to complete a 5k run and get a medal, never won anything to do with sport/fitness in my life

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Me too!! Though do have a medal for moonwalk marathon but just walking! My aim first is confidence for parkrun then 5k medal 2018 us the year for us👍😊

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Well done, I walk my local park run with my dog that’s one of the reasons that made me want to do this , I’d love to run it and say I’ve run 5k

Welcome to the forum and C25k. I hope you love running as much as me. Slow and steady and enjoy. Well done on your weight loss so far as well.

Don’t forget to let us know how you are doing 👋

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Thanks I will keep updating on here x


Well done - and good luck, just take it slow, and it will all be fine! Enjoy the running! :-)

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Thank you , much appreciated


Well done you for starting this and getting through the first week. I thought i would die in the first week, but strangely it seems to get easier. I look back at those first three runs and they were harder than the longer runs in following weeks, i guess because you get fitter.

The c25k program is completely brilliant in the way it's worked out. Each week looks daunting, then you do it and feel amazing, both mentally and physically. I did repeat a couple of weeks at the beginning, the first week because i felt i wasn't ready to move on, then the second because we went away for 8 days and I didnt run. But that's really ok. It's been plain sailing so far since then, but I'm prepared to repeat runs if I need to. Honestly, I look forward to my run days now; it's a treat to get out there.

Lastly this forum is very supportive and encouraging.

Go you!

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Thank you, I am really loving looking to getting my fitness level better x


Lovely post! What brilliant positive changes you are making for yourself! If you take this programme slowly, believe you can do it, and stay close to this forum for support and advice, you will definitely succeed. I graduated a month ago, and still cannot quite believe that a) I can run 5k b) that I love running!

Be sure to stretch well after each run and take your rest days as seriously as your run days! Have you got yourself good running shoes?

All the best to you - I look forward to seeing you progress!

Sadie-runs 😘

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Hi, thanks for the reply, yes I have good running shoes, I can’t wait to run 5k x

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You will! But not necessarily by the end of the programme, okay? The aim is to get you running for 30 mins continuous - very very few of us manage to run 5k in 30 mins! I still can't! But I can run 5k - in around 35 mins now, one month after graduating. x


Welcome to the forum and your support network.

C25K by itself will not make you lose weight, but by hanging around here you will be surrounded by others who are in the middle of changing their lives and who will help you in any way we can.

The programme works. Trust it.

If you don't complete a run then repeat it, after a rest day, and when completed move on. Don't repeat a run because you are not sure you will complete the next one. Be brave, take the challenge.

You can only fail this plan if you go permanently back to the couch.

Go as slow as you need to. There are no prizes for speed anywhere in the plan. This is about endurance.

At times it will be tough, but you will learn more about yourself and in just a few weeks, you will be able to run for thirty minutes non stop.

Enjoy your journey and keep posting.

Hello! If you stick with this the rewards will be so beneficial to you!

I am on week 2 right now, so you're not alone!

I am a few stone to loose too, but it does come off as the weeks go by!


You have made a great start: those first steps on Run 1 were the most important ones you will make...possibly ever.

The second most important step you took was to join this forum: you will never be alone, experience something that someone else hasn't gone through before you or be short of advice and support.

Best wishes and 'happy running'.


Good for you. Stick to this program, it really does work. I've got one run of week 8 left to do and am finding it getting easier, but when I started I could hardly make the first of the 5 minute runs!


Well done you--my only feedback from week three is to take the coaches extremely seriously when they tell you to take it nice and slowly. My personal advice is not to play "running music" at first, which I've found can cause you to speed up unconsciously and get out of breath. I just drift along now with nice relaxing sounds in my ears and enjoy the scenery.


Hello! Welcome to your new healthy life. Sounds like you are doing great. I am on week 8 and couldn't have done it without the support and advice of this forum so don't be afraid to use it.

Welcome!! You’re going to love this programme!! I’m on week 8 and can’t believe I’ve made it this far. It’s not going to be easy, but the sense of achievement you feel after each run is so so worth it! Enjoy, and take it slow and steady!

HI, Im going to start my couch to 5k and will need all the support I can get - I could do with losing about 3 stone.. well done on your loss so far!

Hi Miffylou , really well done on what u have achieved so far , i would strongly recommend running on grass wherever possible , it’s so much kinder on the joints .

Like u , im only new to this programme and im loving it .

Used to be very fit , then got lazy and the obvious result - a huge amount of unwanted extra weight . Lost 20lbs in 8 weeks , as the adage goes - lots done , more to do 😄


Well done, unfortunately I’ve never been properly fit, I walked a lot with the family as a teenager, rambling weekends to snowden, Ben Nevis and lots of others, but I soon stopped when I didn’t have to go with my parents. I’ve got 4 stone to lose to be at target but that target might be too low I’m not sure, so at the moment I feel like a running whale,which I hate , but I’m trying my best to do something about it ,and to stick to it


Welcome aboard! The hardest part is getting started, you're well on your way now! The folks on this forum are fantastic and will offer support and advice on all aspects of your C25K journey.

Most of us started with little on no running experience and in a lot of cases were very unsure about what to expect. With the help of these good folks I've gone from a complete novice back in June to graduating in August, then a 10k graduate and have now entered a half marathon for April. A few months ago I would have laughed out loud at the mere suggestion! The sky is the limit, take your time, enjoy the experience and don't get flustered!

Good luck to you, we've got your back!


Well done for starting C25K. And well done on your weight loss so far! Everyone here is so helpful and supportive. Enjoy your runs – take them slow and steady and you’ll get there. Best of luck! 👍

Hey, well done you for taking the plunge! 7 weeks ago, like u, I could never gave imagined being able to run. It’s an amazing feeling and the program just works. Trust me u can do it 👍🏼


Well done to you for taking those first tentative steps on your C25K journey. You are already on the way on your healthier lifestyle.

Like you I’m overweight and 40. I started this programme 4 weeks ago and have just completed Week 4 Day 1 and lost 10lb.. I’m not a natural runner and struggled to start with but am now very into it. My advice is to get a running buddy if you can, without mine I would have given up ages ago.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress.

Well done you! Firstly on your weight loss so far and also for starting to change your life by starting this program. As others have said the support on here is fab and you can ask those questions which you might think are silly, but ones we have nearly all asked at some point. This program really does work believe in it and believe in yourself, you can do it! I told my self if I can run for 60 sec, I can run for 90,...... if I can run for 5 mins, I can run 10...., and so on. It’s an incredible feeling. Keep us posted on your journey x


Well done you :)

Stick to the program and you can do it


Thanks everyone, just been out for another day on couch to 5k, it’s quite cold out, but dark so the neighbours can’t see me wobbling past wondering what on earth I’m doing, I’m not sure whether to complete week 1 again next week as finishing today’s was a real real struggle, is that ok to do? I don’t mind taking longer to complete, I’d rather do that than give up, bearing in mind I’m an overweight 39 year who’s never run before in my life , I am quite happy with myself, except for this weeks weight loss doesn’t seem as good since starting all the fitness, and I thought it would be the other way? I do couch to 5k every other day and the days in between a 30 min fitness class


Like you I never ran a step in my life until last year and had five stone in weight to lose. Now I do parkrun, run regularly and lost the weight. It’s all possible. My top tips? Consistency is everything. You have to work at it every day. I planned every mouthful whilst i was losing and absolutely prioritised following the Couch to 5k app. There’s no magic bullet but I do say it gets easier once the weight begins to fall off. Good luck!

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