Spluttered at breakfast!

Setting up the podcast this morning over breakfast, spluttered the cornflakes and gulped the OJ ... learned what W4R1 entailed (Sarah1703 had been very good and not told me because I'd said I needed sleep last weekend!). Decided that I simply didn't have the willpower to do it running outside, even with Laura there to encourage me, so instead headed off to the dreadmill: after all, unless you adjust the speed it doesn't care if you're getting completely knackered and doesn't stop. I turned the speeds right down today (5km/h walk and 6.3 km/h jogging) and just about staggered my way through to the end of that last 5 minute run. Not as good as I'd wanted, but at least I got there ... well sort of. Quite pleased with myself though - when I started just 7 weeks ago I had to do 3 weeks of pre-C25K training because C25K W1R1was just too hard.


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  • Well done Dave! It's the getting out there and carrying on for the full time that matters, not how quickly you move. So you did great, and you should feel proud of yourself!

  • WELL DONE! You should be really pleased with yourself.

    I fell short of the last 5 minute run but just under a minute, but I'm blaming the excesses of the weekend (there may have been parties, drink and late nights!), and probably starting off a bit too fast and peaking too soon.

    Going to re-do it on Wednesday and fingers crossed for a better result.

    I am a bit disappointed, but fairly philosophical about it!

  • Hi Sarah, I'd read your post this morning ... didn't help with the cornflake spluttering! Sorry you didn't quite make it today but you're probably not trying to emulate an injured snail like me. Sure you'll make it on Wednesday, that extra minute isn't much more. I'm glad I've got a W4 buddy!

  • I bet you are amazed at how different you feel from before you started.

  • I'm amazed I can run even slowly on the W4 pattern - as an oldie I've never been a runner (not for all my life) I've always hated it, even back in my very very very long distant school days I'd do everything in my power and ingenuity just to avoid a run. Did other sports, some of them quite well, but hated running. To me back then it was a form of punishment. This time round I had started out back in February to lose a load of excess weight and then later to turn my attention to getting fit - just gym didn't seem enough, hence C25K as well. Unless I'm careful I might break the habit of my lifetime and one day enjoy a run (I've always considered the phrase "fun run" as an excellent example of an oxymoron).

  • Progress ! That's got to be good....

  • Always remember W1R1. You're doing great.

  • Well done, I have slowed up as well as I have progressed through the weeks, though I was never fast in the first place. Think I am about the same speed as you, figuring I can work on this later once I can do the time - good luck for your next run x

  • Have to say I agree with you ... I really don't care any more and if I do ever get to the end of week 9 (seems improbable yet) then I would even consider restarting right back at W1 and just concentrate on speed. W4R2 on Wednesday this week but then I become a dedicated follower of Christmas excess ... W4R3 after Boxing Day looks like it could be a distictly wobbly affair!

  • Well done! Keep going - you're doing great!

  • Well done, I remember that one well. It took me 2.5 weeks to get through Week 4. It DOES work, you will look back and think 'wow'! I would try outside sometime as I actually do find it easier than the dreadmill, I don't get so hot and sweaty because of the breeze etc and just feel calmer.

  • Understand about outside but I have done only some of the sessions outside so far: definitely I don't feel very confident with myself outside yet. I went completely 100% into panic mode this week when I heard (whilst setting up my podcast) what I was expected to do in W4, so I chickened out and headed straight for the treadmill before I changed my mind about doing it at all .... I didn't think I'd have the willpower to do it without that relentless human hamster wheel churning on. I think I was right, because it was all I could do to finish that second 5 minute spell and if I had been outside I feel sure I would have given up. I'll try to get back outside though because I agree it's better, but in my opinion it's harder than the treadmill because of the greater self-discipline it needs. I'm on to W4R2 tomorrow and not at all sure I can do it again even on the treadmill, but I'm going to give it a damn good try.

  • Pleased to see you are still going at it Dave! We were Week 1 buddies but unfortunately I ended up with a really sore foot after W1R3 so I'm just getting back into it.

    You are doing great, I look forward to your updates.

  • Great to see you back. Found it hard going, but getting there one "plod" at a time!! I have to say that even though I haven't yet fallen in love with this running lark, I've maybe started a love-hate relationship. Please keep in touch through the forum, it matters a huge amount to all of us and for sure I wouldn't have got this far without the support I've had here.

  • Yes, that's the way to do it! Speed doesn't matter, at this stage you're building your running muscles and stamina. You can be rightly proud of yourself xxx

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