Yet another Oxford Half Posting :(

Yet another Oxford Half Posting :(

Towards the end of last April when I was 3 weeks in to C25K and looked like the bottom right picture - ugh! I decided, in a moment of madness, to have a crack at the Oxford Half Marathon.

Back pain interfered with my running but I still Graduated. Meanwhile, I sought professional help for my worsening back problems which had caused me to miss out a chunk of the H/M training.

After my second session of Physio, I was graciously allowed to do 5 sessions of 1 minute running and 4 minutes walking but the following day whilst standing up in the bath I fell cracking 3 ribs on the bath side.

Altogether, I'd missed out on 2 months of a MyAsics H/M plan but I managed to cram a couple of longish run / walk sessions in before the event.

I wanted to:

1. At least have a go - well, I'd paid for it hadn't I? -

2. I wanted to finish,

3. To finish within the 3 1/2 hours allowed,

4. Not to finish last.

I'm glad to say I achieved all 4.

On the way round my Top caused not a little hilarity and one wag pointed an accusing finger at my abdomen exclaiming, "Too many Baltis".

At one point there was a Morris Side and I couldn't help breaking in to a poor attempt at a Morris Dance as I passed but it fell flat, I guess dozens of previous runners had done the same and it was wearing a bit thin by then.

So, 6 weeks and one day after I started C25K I completed a half marathon and the following morning my legs have hardly any stiffness at all, in fact I even pondered a short run!


Top Left: Yours truly overtaking Superwoman - is she looking at my bum? (Photo by Barry Cornelius)

Top Right: Sprinting the last 30-40 yards to catch up with the big fella.

Bottom Left: Tee Shirt, Bling, Goody Bag and Contents (still uneaten)

Bottom Right: The old Balti.


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  • Ha Ha Love it !

    Absolutely fantastic Mr B, and massive respect to you for going through with it ( nowt to do with the fact that you had paid and wanted to get your moneys worth Tee Hee ! )

    You achieved what you set out to do , job completed !

    You have suffered so much with setbacks through injuries . You must be the only person EVER to fall off the IC, but still you have kept positive and determined throughout !

    Many Congratulations Phil, brilliant post and yes , Superwoman IS looking at your bum ha ha !

    Hope Mrs B is suitably impressed , plus you have completely smashed the bragging rights with the Grandkids ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Thanks, you are kind Poppypug. Aaaargh...! I've just noticed, in the top right picture I'm becoming more and more like my little Avatar!

  • Oh yes ! Ha ha :-D

    You are looking very determined in that pic Phil , its like youre thinking " Get out of my way or I will kill you ! :-) " xxx

  • Fantastic! A great post to start the week, thanks. What an astonishing success.

    Did you have a balti to celebrate?

  • Thank you. No, just a sandwich. Curiously I haven't felt hungry since, hope it lasts as I still need to reduce my waist a bit.

  • Great going, MrB! Wonderful post; so glad to hear of your OHM success too; what a great day you had. Hope you enjoyed the experience!

    And so soon after starting C25K too - fantastic and a great endorsement for the program!

    Love the pics, by the way! Again, well done! ๐Ÿƒ

  • It was a poor time (2:57:13) but still better than the DNFs! Might be back next year :)

  • Well done Phil. To complete an HM after all of those setbacks is something to be really proud of.

  • Thanks Dunder, it wasn't really too bad until the last couple of miles.

    A mixture of adrenalin and crowd support works wonders.

  • Well done UB! What a difference C25K has made. Going for the full one next?

    Great set of pictures.

  • Hi Ully, the future Mrs. Balti has full permission to shoot me if I ever express any desire to do a Marathon...unless it's the Marathon du Mรฉdoc of course, now that's tempting!

  • Seriously well done especially after so much time on the IC. That's a fab transformation and you should be very proud.

  • Thanks IP, the IC's a horrid, lonely, dispiriting place to be.

  • Very well done Mr Balti. As you said in your post to me I was only 3 minutes ahead of you. You'd have caught me had the race been much longer. I think I saw you on the up and down bit on the Banbury Road quite early on. Great photos and really shows the difference this programme makes.

  • Congratulations! What a fab achievement despite all that life could chuck at you to disrupt your training!

  • Well done - I think that's a great achievement.

  • That is great UB! It took me two years to progress to running 10 miles, never mind a half marathon. I am really jealous of your muscles not hurting. Are they still okay are were you premature in your declaration? And how is your back? Most people (myself included) would use a bad back as an excuse not to run. I am in awe!

  • Apart from taking it slowly, the only reason I can think there's so little pain / stiffness is that SWMBO wanted to walk around Oxford for a while so my muscles had a gentle workout to keep them moving. I often find my back's easier when running as I concentrate on keeping my head up and back straight unlike my usual twisted slouch.

  • Wow, well done, what an achievement!

  • Congratulations โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ

    A perfect example of knowing no limits and being focused to achieve your goal.

    Well done ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ

  • Well done Balti! Such rotten luck you've had! Cracked ribs! Ouch!!

    Hats off to you for tackling a HM, and completing it. Congratulations.

    Popchips! I love em but am trying to avoid them at the moment while not running much.

    Your bottom right picture looks like my husband! So pleased you've got rid of your overhang. Has your back been better since getting shot of it ?

  • Would that I had got rid of it MissW, it's shrunk but still there :( Are you still off the IC these days? I seem to remember you kept it warm for a while.

  • Nah, still on it, sadly.

  • Wow! Sorry for late reply but at least it will bump (!) it up! You've done fantastically well, great job xx

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