A wait for physio

Hi peeps,

I've been out of action about a month now. Ran all through C25K without a problem (in cheap old gym shoes!) and up till about a month ago when (after investing in "proper" trainers) I was steadily pushing towards achieving a 10k run. Then bam! It's been one injury after another. Shin, then knee (both seemingly resolved) and now a calf injury, which is proving more stubborn, despite taking RICE action.

I have still been trying to run, with varying degrees of success, as one injury clears up only for a different one to appear!

I have a GP appt in a week's time for an NHS physio referral, then I have to wait for the physio appt, so I don't know how long that will take given that it's a sport-induced (ie. self-inflicted) injury.

There is a good private sports physio practice near me but it's expensive and the most experienced physios are not available for at least a week. Only the less experienced physios are free (they are young, recently qualified and the same price as the experienced ones). So I have a wait on my hands either way.

Not really asking for advice, just wondered about others' experiences with physio - NHS or private? Experienced physios or fresh out of college?

I rested this lower calf strain (soleus, I think) for two weeks, then did loads of stretches, compression, massage and tried running two days ago. After 1km it was fine, so I walked 1km, as advised by the GP, then did my second km running, but had to stop just before the end as my calf starting hurting again, and this time the soreness had spread to my main calf muscle.

It's not a sharp, painful pain, more like a dull aching feeling.

I feel so frustrated with this. I just read on another post about a graduate who went right back to C25K wk 2 after prolonged injury - I'm starting to think that's what will happen with me.

Should I take a chance and go with the inexperienced physios, and be seen quicker, or wait a week or so for the older, experienced pros? Once you start with one physio you have to stick with the same one! The best one there is next available on Dec 23rd, but the least experienced (it says on his biog that he's still studying and his Linked In profile shows virtually no previous experience) is available tomorrow.

On the other hand, I could wait even longer for the NHS physio and pay nothing! Ebeneezer style, haha.....

Thanks for your thoughts, peeps. Not asking for sympathy - honestly - am just horrendously frustrated not being able to run. And I NEVER thought I would say THAT :-D

Why oh why did I have to develop this running addiction? :-) Sigh.....


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4 Replies

  • Hi. I was recommended to a private osteopath who also did sports related work, in Cambridge. He was fabulous. I've been 3 times in the past month, first for a knee and then the calf. The work he did on the calf was very painful but I am now pain free. It might be worth looking for someone similar in your area? Also, I got one appointment the same day :)

  • Pity I'm not in Cambridge as I would go to your guy. I am really glad you got sorted out so quickly. You were lucky that you found someone really good who could fit you in on the same day.

  • Sorry to hear that northernlass.

    You'll likely have to wait about 3-4 weeks to see an NHS physio if my experience is anything to go by. However, that did introduce me to my physio who also does private work and he is great - last time I needed him, he fitted me in that very evening.

    I had calf strain earlier this autumn and it took me a full three weeks of rest before I could run after one false start which made it worse. With that said, after a gentle build up I've had no more trouble so patience does pay off.

    It may just be that 'pushing' that has caused the trouble. We are still baby runners when we graduate.

    Hope you get better soon.

  • I am still waiting for NHS physio Ully! I haven't even had the letter inviting me to an appointment yet. But I feel I've rested enough and have started back on Week 3 as it's better than not running at all. Thanks for your thoughts Ully and happy new year.

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