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Anybody redone C25K??

Still pondering what I will do after I finish the 14K race in August.

trying to run 10K non-stop is one option -- but then I think , why would I want to run 10K?? Even if I achieve it , there is not a lot or opportunity to run 10K where I live in a "fun" way. 10K runners seem to be more advanced athletic types who are really racing - not just jogging along like me which would be about all I could do 10Ks at.

But, with Parkrun, 5K is a distance that can be improved - but also can just be run regularly just for fun, company,etc.

I am considering the option of starting C25k all over again. I do recall that I was very tentative, conservative, slow, proceeded with much caution, etc on the first time around . Just finishing the run at any slow pace was the order of the day. But I am wondering now if it would be good to redo it -- but this time completing each days run in as fast a time as possible. In other words, throw caution to the wind and "go for it" each run??

has anybody done anything like this??

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Hi there I redid the program but I had time out due to pregnancy & New baby. I found it easier second time but still ran and walked it rather then using it to increase speed. Have you tried any of tge graduate podcasts I found tge speed (intervals) one best. I'm trying to improve my 5k times too and am going to try to increase ditance as I think that will help me.


It's only 5 k there and back, which isn't far. I run 10k's etc round the streets or on the trail


Sounds like a good idea!

Do you have any desire to go for a half marathon?


Hi bazza thanks for the replys to my Galloway query earlier . I was only thinking the same myself today after I posted about run walk , why would I want to run 10k anyway ! Same as you there's not many places to run that kinda distance around here , as for redoing c25k I did but because of having to take 3 month off because of injury , so I was & still am very cautious , I think that's a good idea what you have come up with actually , I'd do it if I was you ,enjoy whatever you decide .


I do 10 k and I enjoy it. I'm not an athletic type! I do the slow jog. If you can slow jog 5 you can do 10 I think. I prefer the 10 as I am so slow to get warmed up. By the time I've warmed up the 5k is over so I enjoy steadily plodding the 10 k


Well, yes -- we can get out and run 10Ks around the local area. But I am really talking about doing it somehow with others. We have an "organisation" that does 5ks :) but here in Oz , about the only people who seem to run 10Ks are those who frequent running forums like CoolRunning and these seem to me to be the really keen athlete types :)

Actually, thinking about it, I don't know how popular or not C25k is in Australia -- I have seen some small amount of reference to it but I don't actually know anybody who either has done it or even knows about it. So - to a certain extent, apart from Parkrun, running for an older slower type like me is a bit of a lonely situation. The only people I know who are my age group have been running for years and are quite fast - don't know many who have started out recently in my age group, except for a very small number I have met in Parkrun


why not have a chat to some of the parkrunners to see if anyone is interested in doing the parkrun x2 or meeting on another day to run 10K? Alternatively, are there any friendly running clubs that enjoy a mix of steady runs and training sessions? Maybe you could start your own club, there may be others in the same position near you. Remember, YOU ARE a runner. We all run different distances, pace, etc, but we are all still runners, so no reason to feel you can't mix with a few athletic, faster runners either, you are just as good as them, just at a different point in your journey

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Very interesting topic indeed Bazza,, In my opinion C25K prepares you to be a good and proper runner. It provides you a well structured programme to develop running skills, build your stamina and endurance. I feel most of us somehow get lost once we complete C25K. What we really ought to do is to think back just before we started C25K, what were we really looking for? The temptation of increasing the distance is always there, but do we really need to do this to keep fit and stay healthy? So at the end of the day it is up to the needs of an individual. Myself for instance I’m working to be a good 30 minutes runner, eventually good speed and realistic distance. How much physical activity do adults aged 19-64 years old need to do to keep healthy? From NHS website it gives a good guidance. To stay healthy, adults aged 19-64 should try to be active daily and should do: At least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as cycling or fast walking every week, and muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms). See this link for details,,


yes - and in the running world, there are indeed "5K specialists" who basically concentrate on running that distance only. It is a popular distance to race, because it incorporates endurance, speed, race strategy, etc.

It doesn't really matter what distance I run -- I will always be a plodder in all of them!! :) But I might also even see about concentrating on a 1 mile (1.6K) distance for a while - whatever we do it is good for us provided we don't overdo it!!!

At my local Parkrun, I run in the 65-69 age group -- and I have noticed a "younger" runner who I wasn't sure of his age group -- but he is not young but runs around 25 minutes for the 5K -. I was a bar code scanner this Saturday - so I got to find out his name and can therefore "check him out" :) . He is actually in the 60-64 age group and blows away his 32 year old son ( who runs around 32 minutes ) :)


I keep my eye out in the paper etc for local runs. I found out about the 10 miler through the goodrunguide, which I think is worldwide, so that's worth a look Baz

In our paper yesterday I found details of a half marathon that goes past my house but it's in September. I might give that a whirl if I manage the 10 mile. 'Ark at me! Not even done a Parkrun yet!

These things are open to all and are designed to encourage all-comers, so I suppose we're lucky to have such events. We have a community 5 k run coming up and I shall be giving that a whirl


I haven't done it, but can imagine it would be a way of building up pace (especially as you seem to be able to ignore the beat of the music and either run to a metronome add-on or your own pace).

I seem to remember reading someone say they were going to do start again from W1, but do it like a speed podcast with slow-fast running instead of walk-run. I can't remember who it was and have no idea how far through the programme they got or if they were intending to go all the way through.

"What next" is one of those tricky questions isn't it. I'm glad you've got your 14k to aim for and can at least get to a parkrun ("Worldwide" sadly doesn't include Lebanon!). While just getting out there and running is a great thing, and "should" be motivating in itself, there is something about most of us that needs a target to aim for to help us keep going.

I'd say it's worth at least doing the first few weeks of the podcasts again if improving your speed is something you want to aim at. Or just set yourself a target in a training plan in something like endomondo and see if you like the mix of runs it comes up with. I'm quite enjoying the different ones it came up with for me with a target of getting somewhere near my pb when I attempt my 2nd parkrun next month (11 months after the first!).

Hope you find something that works for you.


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