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Intermittent Fasting + Weight Training + C25K anyone?


Hello everyone,

I Just did my first run of week 5. Though I didn't have any pain or out of breathe feeling, I kind of felt like draining out towards to middle of the run. I thought I am gonna give up but managed to finish it somehow.

I am doing Intermittent Fasting for the last 2-3 months and started weight training yesterday with plans to train every other day when I don't run.

Anyone here on the same boat as me? Do you have any advice on how to manage this schedule efficiently?

Thanks for your time!

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Hell No 😱But good luck 👍🏻

UsainBolt in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Good luck to you too.


Check this put for advice on non run day exercise and run the engine.. you need the fuel... especially as the runs get longer:)

UsainBolt in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you Oldfloss

Hey. I’ve been doing a very low calorie diet since November and lost nearly 90lbs. Still on 800 cals a day and just finished wk1 c25k. Feel absolutely fine and able to run. I think the body can take it! It’s not like this program is getting you running marathons, half an hour out is relatively low impact.

As for weight training, it’s not something I have done before, but I’d say just take it easy. You’ll know when you are pushing yourself too far. Good luck!

Zero2hero in reply to Zero2hero

Oh and just on the ‘intermittent fasting’ bit, I’m not sure how you are doing it. But I eat a 200 kcal meal at 1030, 1430, 1730 and 1930. And then I suppose I fast from 1930 until 1030 the next day.

Zero2hero in reply to Zero2hero

I’ve done my three runs this week at approx 1830

UsainBolt in reply to Zero2hero

800 kcal a day?? That's crazy. I fast from 20:30 to 12:30. And eat about 1200 - 1400 kcal in two meals. one at 12:30 and other at 20:00 and go running anytime between 17:00 and 19:00.

Zero2hero in reply to UsainBolt

To be fair, it’s been quite easy. I know it sounds extreme, but I think the science is that i would be in ketosis, a side affect being no hunger. I think the struggle comes now because I have started to introduce one meal a day in place of a meal replacement. Fish and veg. 4 months ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be running up a hill like I did last night!

Just started at week 5 . Entered a 5k thinking it was June turns out it's end of April. Need to stop smoking hoping the body will tell ma brain to stop.....smoking that is. Tough but chuffed

Yeahhh I’ve signed up to a 10k trial run at the end of November 😂. It’s happening.


When I first started C25K I was fasting 1930 to 1130 every day. I had been doing this a month or so and so my body had adjusted to it. I found no problems running first thing on the morning or later in the day. I think at that stage in the plan you are not doing enough for it to be a real issue as long as your body has adjusted to it. I’m back to ordinary calorie counting now and have found that I need something to eat before I run. But I can do 5k on a single slice of toast or a banana. It’s not like we are running marathons yet!

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