Some days....The first run after graduation

Graduated on Saturday...the grey snail made it! Thank you everyone for your congratulations.. it was amazing.

So... after two days horrendous rain and thick, thick fog. ( Strength and Flex had to be the order of the day). I finally got out there this morning.

I must admit, I left a little later this morning and I have to admit too, I felt a little lonely without Laura!

I chose a combination of past routes and set out. The sky this morning was clearing quickly and the huge white flat clouds , swimming idly, in the brightening sky, gave a hint of a better day.

Into the village... kept the routine; a brisk five minutes walk, then... a thirty minute run... just to prove that Week 9 was not a fluke!

Down by the back of the station, I decided to vary the route and ran along by the stream on a narrow hard track, surprising a ginger cat.. green eyes startled and tail swishing as I jogged past... clearly unused to a grey snail pacer! Along to the far lane and turning by the old mill... totally unused now with the spokes of the old water wheel broken and skeletal against the crumbling brickwork. How much longer will that stand... maybe harsh winter winds will be the end of it, although this morning....?

The temperature was almost balmy as I finished the thirty minutes.... I decided to just enjoy myself. Five minute walk then a ten minute run... three minute walk then a fifteen minute run...and so on... Up the hill... no effort this morning and wonderfully, a clear sunny sky.... past the primary school and the chirruping of the little ones in the Infant yard...along the narrow pathway, no neck dripping raindrops this morning... and up onto the Old Road.

How different from the grey shrouded run in Week 8... Birds singing, a warm breeze... one could have been forgiven for mistaking the December date for a morning on the other side of the year!

My heart was light, no sense of pressure here, my pace,as ever, slow but steady.

Down the hill into the village and heading for home with a spring in my step.

I wanted to tell the people I passed... do this.. go for it.. you will feel so much better..!

What a beautiful run at the beginning of a day ,when you feel privileged to be alive, to be healthy and to breathe in the morning air. Yes.. the quotations had kicked in again.. Told you my written ramblings would carry on!



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17 Replies

  • Lovely to read as always , Floss.

    Yes it was surprisingly warm today wasnt it ? Sounds perfect .

    Well done ! xxx

  • That's the way to do it Floss! Just for the sheer pleasure of being able to run!

  • And it was a pleasure... can't wait to get out again tomorrow... got lots of planned routes whizzing around my head..wheeeeee! :)

  • Sounds lovely. The best runs are the ones with no pressure, that the miles just seem to float by.

  • It as quite different! Yes I am sure the fact that I did not 'have to' meant a lot... but I did miss Laura's company! :)

  • How inspiring! I had a very clear and vivid picture your experience as read your detailed descriptions! It just motivated me to keep going! Today was the beginning of week 3 for me. I can't wait to complete the course so that I can enjoy the victory as well! Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment and thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks.....You go for it... there will be tough spots, but also amazing high spots... the first time Laura says..." you can now call yourself a runner" I jumped for joy... right in the middle of the lane!

    Keep us posted... loads of incredible support on here from some amazing people! :)

  • So enjoyable to read. You had a beautiful run.

  • I thought I couldn't run without Laura so I downloaded Couch to 5K+. I haven't quite got the courage to run without her yet! After reading your latest post though, I think I will give it a go.

  • Well.. it is quite different.. but fun!

    I want to download Couch to 5K+ too, as I want to do different things...( and Laura sort of keeps me focussed) but have got to wait for my new phone from Santa!!!! :)

  • I do enjoy Laura's encouragement! I hope santa brings you the phone of your dreams!

  • I hope so too!!!! :)

  • Great post!

  • Good fun! I think I am hooked! :)

  • Well done ! Many congratulations. You've done it! You're now a Graduate. Woooooooohooooo! You now have to treat yourself to something running related. It's the law hereabouts. New running shoes usually, and you have to post a pic

    The weather is so mild at the minute. I got drenched today but hey ho.

    I know what you mean about wanting to tell folks about C25k. Everyone should do it! Ha ha. We can change the world a bit at a time.

    You can still run with Laura. GEt downloading C25k+ STepping Stones podcasts. They're fab!

  • Whooo-hoo indeed...treats are definitely the order of the day!

    Posting a picture...? Then everyone sees what an actual grey snail I am! :)

    I think we totally can change the world... things like this, show the strength of the individual and the strength of the support of like minded people, doing something good, for a change!

    I want to download the Couch25K+ but have to wait for Santa to bring me an updated phone!!!!! :)

  • What about an mp3 player? That's what I use as I can't stretch to a posh phone

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