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Need advice on new shoes please!

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Today I completed wk7 R2! Can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of myself as I haven’t run that this far for about 35 years! So lockdown does have its benefits...😀

Anyway, I have decided that it’s probably about time I invested in some decent trainers to reward myself (& replace the very tatty ones I currently wear) but I am completely overwhelmed. Because of lockdown, I obviously can’t go to the shops anytime soon so will need to buy online.

Any recommendations?

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I had to get myself some new trainers early on as I only had Skechers go walk shoes with no support. Due to lockdown I just tried to source an inexpensive pair to get me through, I bought some ‘run falcons’ off the Adidas website, they seem to offer discounts on a regular basis👍,after a few teething problems sorted by rethreading the laces all seems well.

Realistically all you can do is try ordering some from a retailer with a good returns policy and keep your fingers crossed.

I am guessing there will be a long queue for gait analysis when lockdown is over😂😂😂

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IssywhizzGraduate in reply to Gysmo

Are the run falcons any good? Lightweight and comfy?

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GysmoGraduate in reply to Issywhizz

Yes really lightweight, I was very pleasantly surprised. 😁👍

Thank you! & you are definitely right about the queues!

I had to reluctantly buy some new trainers online recently. I would much rather have bought them from a shop & tried them on first. Eventually I opted to get some from I found that they had the best selection. The 1st pair I got had to go back as they were too small. I have to say their customer service was really good & I’d definitely use them again!

Thank you! It also looks like they have a sale on which helps

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This article describes the wet footprint test, which will give a rough idea of your gait. If you overpronate, I can recommend Brooks Adrenaline trainers - go up half size from your usual.

Thank you! Just done the test & it really helps

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PurpleCat87Graduate in reply to SlowAndSteady52

Glad it helped! Do let us know if the new trainers make a difference

Thank you for all your help lovely people.

So, based on my results from the wet footprint test I bought new Saucony's from (In the sale - hurrah!). Paid a couple of pounds more for faster delivery ordered on Monday night and delivered on Wednesday morning.

Week 8 Run 1 completed early this morning (very early as I knew it was going to be a warm day).

They are definately much more comfy and springy than my old trainers and my calves don't seem to

ache as much, even at my 'ten minutes in' point where I get to a hill which usually involves lots of swearing.

I'm not sure if it was the new trainers, or just my increasing confidence that I can actually do this. Either way, it was a fantastic run.

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