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A wee bit o' rain on the Bridge to 10K

Let's start with a haiku; composed while the rain was hitting me in the face so hard I couldn't see to run...but kept going anyway.

On the Bridge to ten

Rain and wind cool my hot skin

This Cornish summer!

Yep folks, it came down, and down, and down a wee bit more...but the Zen (aka mad) runner carries on regardless.

The B210k week 2 comprises 5 minute warm up, 3x15 minute intervals with 1 minute walk periods between and a 5 minute cool down. My run went a little awry as I was doing a cadence count near the end of the first interval and didn't want to stop till I was about 20-30 seconds into what should have been a walk period, and near the end of the third 15 minute interval I was so near the 5 miles distance I didn't stop again for a minute more until I was there.

This brought me up to the Tamar Bridge Office where I needed to whip out my very wet debit card from the back of my capris and put some credit on my Bridge Tag so the five minute cool down didn't really happen either!I stopped the Garmin timer and instead I stretched and dripped all over the mat while the somewhat bemused office lady credited my account as quickly as she could to get rid of the mad, wet, puffed out running woman!

I also had a stop to make at the local shop to pick up a newspaper. I won't promote the paper we read but 20p is also a handy coin for the back pocket of capris! So I came out of the Bridge Office, started the Garmin timer again, and jogged back across into Cornwall and up to the shop, which added another .61 miles on where I stopped the timer, got my paper and did a brisk walk home. (another half mile).

The cadence thing; I was reading that the amount of steps we run to a minute really has an impact on the speed we are doing. Apparently we are supposed to be aiming for 180 steps per minute? It's quite hard to count that fast as you go along, so I counted a step every time my left foot hit the ground. Turns out I was just about there with the 180 steps to the minute, at least just 15 minutes into my run with fresh legs. I didn't try it again later in my last 15 minute interval...I guess I should have!


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Nice .... puts a whole new definition to the phrase "running errands"....

Good running, Carole.....


Blimey, Carole, you're getting ever so technical..........what's cadence running?

I think you're really inspiring, by the way !!!!




Read this: quite interesting!



You're clearly a lot cleverer than me.

Does it mean run more steps per minute ? ie try to get to 180 steps per minute?

Thanks for the's really a long way from that first 60 second run back in week one in February !!!!!


Yes, apparently you should try to be at 180 steps per minute or more, and if you want to be really quick like the gent above you need to have a long stride as well! It's easy to work it out as long as you don't fall over your own feet trying to time a minute's worth of steps!



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