Week 7, run completed - going to be a hard week!

Well this morning's run was tough! Really struggled but managed to complete the run and disappointingly a little slower than week 6 run 3, it's going to be a tough week but determined to finish and now have a park run planned for my week 9 run 3.

Never would have thought I'd get this far 7 weeks ago when I began so just need to keep on going.

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  • This was run 1!

  • Well done , keep going ,you are doing well

  • Hi Gilliwood, - I agree :-). I'm at same stage and with the colder weather it seems to be getting more difficult (...or I'm getting less motivated!). Still coping, but finding it harder to get through the door and out there. I did used to enjoy the little walks between runs. :-) But will keep going! The way I look as at it is that by the time winter is over we will be fit for the spring. Well done on getting this far.

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