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WK2 R3 -Completed

WK2 R3 -Completed

Hello, first post here.

I must say reading your posts keeps me motivated enough to post myself, I started the C25K as a drunken agreement with my friends whilst away in Portugal in October. I'm 11 Kilos down and still weigh in at 144kg, I never thought I'd get this far but I am getting there. The 3rd week looks difficult upping the run for an extra minute but I'll see how it goes.

I am also doing my first Parkrun on Saturday and looking forward to it, I am not as self conscious as I was.

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All of the best with your first parkrun. Remember to focus on your own pace and speed as it could be a bit overwhelming, especially when you feel that you should be able match the speed of others.

It was so demotivating for me when I felt as if everybody else is passing me, but run your own race. You can do it!!!

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Thank you, I'll you advice in mind, but there is hardly any speed to get carried away with!


Wahay! Great stuff! Parkrun is fun but addictive. A bit like C25k😊

Take care! Don't overdo it! Slowly, slowly! ☺

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Well done for starting C25K. Like the picture. Is it a lake you run around ? I used to run round lake when first started. Like d something nice and flat. Now I'm Whizzing up hills. OK well not quite whizzing more like plodding.

As you'll see lots of posts here take it easy and repeat weeks if you have too. Stepping outside and doing any running is all good practice to build up stamina.

I still get a buzz from the sense of achievement and feel so good about my health and fitness and avoiding a a possible future on medication.

I now regularly run 6K and do 5K in about 33 minutes. I may never get to 5K in 30 minutes but as others say don't worry about what others do. Set your own goals. Personal bests are the best.

Keep us all posted .


Hey, yes its a lake, twice around is nearly 5K, so I do my run and then walk around again to get to 5K.

Thanks for the support.


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