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One year runniversary and noooshooooos!


One year ago today I graduated from Couch to 5k! I remember the W9R3 run being quite tough as I think I was a bit hungover.

I've kept going with the running through this last year - probably the longest time in my adult life that I have kept up with an exercise regime. I've done 18 parkruns since my graduation (and volunteered at 7), two 10k races and I am signed up to do my first half marathon in March next year. As some of you probably know one of my main motivators to get out and run is setting new personal bests, something which makes me immensely happy! Obviously there are many reasons to go out and run and it's important that you find what pushes you out of the door - the essence of the C25K programme, I think, is making sure you keep going and make a positive lifestyle change. Don't just graduate and give up!

I have lost about 10kg since I started C25K in September last year without massive changes to my diet - the fact that my wife cooks Slimming World meals for dinner certainly helps, but the snacking on crisps and biscuits certainly doesn't! I've gone from very tight 36" jeans to rather loose 34" ones and from large tops to medium. Some of my long sleeved running tops that I bought last autumn look huge on me now. I've certainly drank less this last year too - running whilst hungover doesn't happen too often now! I could still do with losing another 4-5kg to get me down to about 12st - I'm sure it would help my 5k and 10k times.

Anyway... the picture is my new Puma Ignite 500 Nightcats which I won through completing a challenge on Running Heroes. They only arrived yesterday so they are having their first outing today.

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Happy Runniversary and congratulations on a good year's running. Enjoy the shoes' first outing!


Well done & love the shoes 😊happy runniversary ! You post is so inspiring I just graduated a few weeks ago and am a slow runner I am aiming to get to my first parkrun soon just wanting to get my times a bit better as only completed 1 5k & that took me 44mins30 secs!! But did it & like you lost 12llbs on SW too! It's a fantastic programme now keeping it going out twice a week since graduation but really like to get to 3 times a week!! So must get going!!! Keep posting as its post like yours that keep me going😊😊🏃🏃🏃😊happy running! 😊


Happy Runniversary.

Love the shoes - enjoy their first run.

thats so funny! :)

pollyp1Graduate in reply to aliboo70

Isn't it! Always makes me chuckle (not sure what that says about me!)

aliboo70 in reply to pollyp1

i'd forgotten about it! :( :)

pollyp1Graduate in reply to aliboo70

I had cause to look the ads up for someone recently and that was the first thing that came up...

Happy runniversary! and well done on you 1st year of running :) and the weight loss! and the new shoes :) !!!


Brilliant post! Really inspiring 👍🏼

Enjoy those new shoes. Happy Running😀🏃🏻


Congratulations on your runniversary! What a difference a year makes eh?! Lovely new shoes too - very nice🙂.


I've just finished week 6 and really enjoying it. If I can write a post like yours in a year or so I will be well pleased....this is a goal and another source of motivation for me :-)... so thanks for your great post.


Ooh they are fab! Night cats! So lots of nocturnal running for you then

Good news on the weight loss front ☺ If you can get down to your desired weight you will probably see some seconds shaved off your times. I like to run light for shorter races but I actually put on a bit of weight for half marathon where you need more protein and carbs to go the distance. still healthy eats though ☺


Brilliant photo. That's the problem with losing weight is having to buy new clothes. I'm still walking round as my alter ego Mr Baggy Pants !

Glad to hear from you having made a positive and permanent change to your life. Really inspiring.


Happy runniversary Simon -I hope they give you wings!


Congratulations on your Runniversary Simon!

Your progress has been brilliant and when I compare you to me (I started January last year and weight 10st) then yours is a very impressive journey. We've followed similar trajectories PB-wise so just carry on doing what you're doing and your PBs will continue to fall :-)

Well done pal!



Happy Runniversary Simon and really Well done on the weight loss too !

Slimming World is really good , I lost a stone and a half with it .

Happy Running ! :-) xxx


Congratulations on your runniversary Simon, you inspire me to keep going! Maybe see you for parkrun tomorrow, depends on how flippin' cold it is!

simonwilliamstutorGraduate in reply to Scruffy64

It was cold but it was noticeable how many people were taking a layer off at the end of the first lap (I was timekeeper yesterday). Glorious morning for parkrun, bright sunshine, hardly a cloud in the sky, nor any wind.

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