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Week 5 R1 - what a change

Completed w5r1 tonight. I had a week's lay off with a cold between weeks three and four but I noticed a couple of things tonight.

Firstly the tiredness/pain in the legs has gone and it;s now a case of keeping teh breathing smooth and regular.

Secondly I'm not counting every second I;m running - I can detach my thoughts from the effort of running. Anyone else get this change?

I;m now looking forward to the rest of week %

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Well done more than half way there😊bet you are fair chuffed & good for you getting back out there after a cold😊x


thanks for posting this - it's helpful - on W4 only R3 to go, so was already wondering about how to manage next week... hope the rest of the week goes well, and through to graduation..


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