Billy Goat Gruff

Once upon a time there was a runner, and although she was no gazelle, she didn't think she was a goat either.

One misty moisty morning (this morning in fact) she set out to conquer Week 6 Run 3. She knew it would be a tough one, a lot of a huff and puff one, but she didn't expect a Billy Goat Gruff one.

All was going fine as she ran around the little park, passing the dog walker, who smiled his encouragement (or perhaps it was a sly grin at what lay ahead). Then it was onto the woodland trail, clambering over the style with unsuspecting enthusiasm, the magical voice in her ear (thank you Laura) spurring her on. She felt that she could easily complete 25 minutes running without a break. Unwittingly she approached the little bridge over the stream, but, as she started to cross, a troll appeared. Mistaking her for one of the Billy Goats Gruff (hard to imagine as there aren’t many goats that dress in pink and black lycra), he decided to play a trick on her.

"Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?" roared the troll. The runner tried to ignore the troll, but this only angered him. So instead of threatening to eat her (as she wasn’t a goat, and lycra isn’t too tasty), he decided to use his magic to turn her legs to stone.

She tried to run on, but it was hard going, and she so wanted to stop. Far from home (about 2.5km) she knew she could not stay in the woods, she had to keep going, but she didn’t know how.

Once more the magical voice in her ear spoke to her, “You’re half way there,” she whispered, “you can do this.” So slowly but surely the runner continued, keeping her legs of stone moving as fast as she could (which wasn’t very fast at all but it was still running). Very soon she left the troll far behind, and with the voice still enchanting her, she magically managed to complete 25 minutes of running, and (with the warm up and cool down walks) managed to cover 5km.

She was so happy, she returned home to celebrate completing Week 6 Run 3 with a nice cup of tea and a soak in a deep bath.

The End


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17 Replies

  • Laura says I'm officially now a runner (again). Yeah!

  • Brilliant story. well done for doing it !

  • Brilliant run, well done. 👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️😀

  • Wonderfully told. Congratulations :) Great run Razouski

  • What a great W6 R3 run Razouski...truly magical and such a happy ending.😄😄

    Laura is a great running mate isn't she...she knows when encouragement is needed. You did it.. 😊

    Look forward to hearing the tales of the gazelle on her way to graduation. (Week 7). Good Luck.x

  • Great post! Proper runners always ignore the nasty trolls and gremlins!🙂

  • I loved this post... thank you!

    Well done for finishing week six :)

  • I do love a happy ending.

    Next time take a club and hit troll firmly on the bonce! I don't usually advocate such behaviour but needs must when that pesky varmint rears its ugly head

    Just off into a post-run Epsom Salts bath meself. No goats on my run but I did see someone else. Taps nose in knowing way.

  • I wasn't sure for a moment if you're tapping your nose because of taking too much of the tag in you recent post, or that you're alluding to the avuncular fella' you saw this morning? ;-)

  • I love a happy ending :) Beautiful story, beautiful run :)

  • Yep! That's the fella

  • Well Done!

  • It reminded me of jackanory, an old tv show where famous people would read books to us. Lovely fairy story thanks Razouski :-)

  • I remember Jackanory :-). One of my favourites was Mrs Pepperpot.

    Thanks for the memory Simmypie.

  • Well done for trip trapping over that bridge and knocking the trolls and gremlins into touch!

  • Lovely post - so glad you beat the troll!

  • Did the troll happen to have an irish accent and 80's hair? Just asking as one has been stalking me recently....:-(

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