Corrrrrrr! What a gorgeous day it was today. Most conducive to going for a delicious run along the river. "Where shall I go today darling?" I asked Mrs Dan. "Why don't you try running towards Kew this time" She said, which is the opposite direction to the way I usually go - "You haven't run that section yet have you?". "What a simply splendid idea!" I answered in a posh voice. "Stupid idiot" she replied. I think she gets irritated at me continually doing different accents and voices, which is one of my annoying habits.

So I made my pre run breakfast - a juice of carrot, beetroot, lemon and apple, chewed 6 dates for the sweetness and energy and I was ready to hit the streets. As soon as I left the front door I heard this ladies voice "Aye aye! Off out on a run then?" It was our lovely neighbour Sally, who hadn't seen me in my full lycra attire before. I got a tiny bit self conscious and ended up speaking to her whilst keeping my "special area" turned to oneside. I think it worked and after a short chat, I was off on my warm up walk.

I started my run at my favourite lamppost and headed off down to the riverside. Ran up the steps (I know! Big mistake!) at Richmond Lock and jogged over the foot bridge. Bounded down the other side and turned LEFT towards Kew. I wasn't going to go the full distance all the way to Kew Bridge cos that was 5K away and I didn't want to do a long one today, so I set my watch to beep at 15 minutes which is when I would turn around and run home.

The thames path was extremely busy with walkers and cyclists, it being a Bank Holiday and all. The path looked fantastic and it was like running through a green tunnel! Quite narrow in places it was too and I had to keep my wits about me with all the bikes who were riding FAR TOO FAST for my liking! Anyway, I was feeling incredibly healthy and fit and had ZERO pains or aches to deal with - thank GOD! After 15 mins my phone told me to turn around which I obediently did and headed back the way I'd come.

Suffice to say I reached my starting lamp post at exactly the point my phone beeped again - 15 mins, so I hadn't done an amazing time. I'd done a lazy jog and thoroughly enjoyed it because it felt so incredibly EASY and for that I was grateful. 5K in 30 minutes and some change.

There wasn't time for a long jacuzzi afterwards, so I jumped into our shower and made myself smell like a garden of roses which after the sweat from the running gear was a huge relief!! I was going to visit my dear old Mum later on so didn't have time for lazing about in the bubbles. After Saturdays Parkrun and my super duper time (for me anyway) I wasn't going to go mad today, so was quite happy that I just went out the door - despite neighbour Sally seeing me in clobber I'd rather have people see me in at speed!! Hahaha!

Happy BANK HOLIDAY everyone and hope you all had some good runs.........you know what I mean right? Yeah. 'course you do!


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  • Thanks Kittykat007! You really are too kind :-)

  • awww, I'm all nostalgic as we used to live in Kew and I know that route having walked it a few times when we forgot our keys etc!!! I'm sure Sally was very impressed with your 'special area' especially from the side angle!!!!! sounds like a great run, well done!!

  • I think I found your keys!!!! Let me know when I can drop them off.......

  • Haha. Not sure if turning sideways to hide your 'special area' was actually a good idea! Isn't a side profile even more revealing ;)

  • Oh God........!!

  • As I used to tell an ex boyfriend "Don't stand sideways".

  • Oh God....!!

  • Methinks you may be seeing Sally a bit more frequently if you're not careful! Nice post Dan, and sounds like a good run. x

  • Oh God.......!!

  • Mr Dan! What a swell post and just goes to show that a nice short scenic plod every now and again is just as splendid as trying continually improve on one's time and/or distance, which we can easily over-focus on and lose sight of what running is really about: fun! Running is a brilliant way to explore anywhere, new or old, I'm discovering.

    I'm pleased to meet another accent/voice enthusiast! I too often break into them; my main four have back-stories and everything, which I randomly burst into without reason. Glad to see I'm not alone with that!

    A happy Bank Holiday to you too, fine sir, and happy running, always! :-)

  • Ah a fellow voice artist? I can never tell a story without doing at least 3 accents.......to accentuate te point so to speak!

  • Well, Sir, I wouldn't say artist, but I do love doing accents. I often go through entire conversations in another accent or two. Or three. More people should do it!

  • Hmm - perhaps you need to wear some running shorts to disguise your 'special area'. Can't have the neighbours fainting away.

  • Well you know what? I actually DO wear Lycra compression shorts underneath my running tights to contain everything and keep me "packaged" so to speak. Perhaps I should ditch my favourite material and go for baggy shapeless shorts?

  • Sometimes it's nice just to go out and enjoy a nice easy run for the sheer pleasure of it and no goal in sight. Best wishes.

  • Yes -- I normally only do "pre-programmed" training runs - ala C25K. But yesterday ( I am currently batching) a bottle of red wine was calling me -- so to ignore it, I put on my shoes and just went outside. I ran when I felt like it - walked when I felt like it -- finished up on a nearby running track where I played around with running slowly for 50 paces, then speed up for another 50 then a full flat out sprint for as far as I could manage ( probably about 50 metres) . I quite enjoyed myself :)

  • Ha ha you do make me laugh dan , I'm sure Sally would have done the ladylike thing & diverted her eyes from your special area . Also a lazy 5k jog , 30 mins , I wish ! Happy running dan .

  • 5k in 30 mins a lazy jog?!!!! I still run slower than that, and count it as a killer slog!

  • You're right! I am so sorry for sounding like an arrogant ars***le. Didn't mean to. Just put it down to excited enthusiasm.

  • Don't apologise! I'm just jealous! ;-)

  • Ha ha ha ha! Wonder if Sally just wanted a closer look. She's been watching you leave and only managed a rear end view until now :D

  • That's a really good point! Cheers.

  • and WHAT a rear end!!

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