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Jo Whiley you’re the best!

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Run 2 of week 1....could barely walk yesterday so was dreading my run today thinking I’d make a tit of myself BUT I did it, and I even got a little further before the half time bell rang!

Literally can not believe it, I even felt like a recovered quicker in the 90seconds between runs.

I changed the voice over to Jo Whiley and she was such a brilliant motivation. I liked that she gave her own experience of starting running.

Who do you used as your running voice over? Any recommendations?xxx

11 Replies
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I use a Michael Jordan. Love his dulcet tones!

Well done on starting the program. Taken me ages to pull my finger out but just done my first run in week 1 - feel good!xx

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Sausagedog90 in reply to sarah_wrighty

I’ll try I’m next then! Haha!

Yay well done! We’re on the same week. We’ll have to give each other motivation to keep going!!! X

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sarah_wrighty in reply to Sausagedog90

Yes!!! X

I have friends who are runners...but they are a lot more experienced. I feel a bit rubbish with them. Need people at my own level.

My next run in Friday. X

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Sausagedog90 in reply to sarah_wrighty

My brother in law is a runner but he’s just done the half marathon so well and truly not like me.

Yes me too, I like going out early morning- less people, more nature (I run by a canal) and also gives me a buzz for the day. X

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sarah_wrighty in reply to Sausagedog90

That’s great. I go early too. 6am. A lot less people.

Just on my road at the moment but I have a massive Park next to my house.

The issue I know I will have is that I live in Sheffield and it’s very hilly. The park next to me does have a flat section.... at the top of the hill!

in reply to sarah_wrighty

On the bright side - any hill you run up, even if you do it incredibly slowly, will make you fitter than just running on the flat. You'll be able to go faster on any flat bits then! 😁

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I moved to Jo after trying the others. I think she sounds much more genuine and far less scripted than the others!

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Sausagedog90 in reply to Anondonkey

That’s exactly what I though!

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I've tried all of the trainers and don't really have a favourite. They've all helped me finish a run especially when the gremlins come calling. I'm now rerunning week 9 to consolidate, and change trainers each time just for for a different voice.

It's good to hear you are enjoying yourself and already feeling the benefit. Don't dread what's coming, trust the plan. Whatever happens you won't make a tit of yourself, you're making yourself a runner.

Smash run 3

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I started with Laura on the podcast but wanted my own music so moved to the app. I couldn’t get on with MJ or Sarah Millican, so then tried Jo. She was great, it was like running with a friend. I even took her with me a few times post graduation before I felt confident enough to do it on my own 😀

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Hey.... 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽! Go you!! 😁! I stuck with the same coach all the way. It was Michael Johnson for me. He wasn’t always elated, but we were a great team. Personally, I’d stick with who you like (and I didn’t like MJ a couple of times 😂). I think it just felt like we were in it “together” until the end. He was my running buddy! Just me and MJ our there! 😍 My personal coach (sort of😉)!

I don’t think there’s any harm in experimenting though. You’re doing great!! Well done!! ❤️

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