Haven't got long. Off on a big supermarket shop to three different supermarkets TO SAVE MONEY! Boom!

I arose this morning like a primed stag ready to take flight! I'd thought about 12K then thought ;

"Nahhhh. Too hard. I is gonna do da 10K innit bruv?!" ( I didn't actually say it like that in my head, I just thought it would make amusing word play.....)

So I had a bowl of porridge at 8:15am, waited 48 1/2 minutes, then filled my running water bottle to the brim. The air temp was fresh. In fact I would say a tad chilly. If I'm honest I did wonder for a split second to don the running tights and get my toosh all clad in skin tight lycra, but decided in the end to wear shorts over my compression shorts. I was off.....

(Racing commentary voice).......and Dan is off towards the Thames path, his usual route.....here comes Richmond Lock, and it's up the steps....jogging over the top, Dan makes it to the other side of the river and descends the steps......watch that dog and his owner!.....he's off now towards Kew.....going well.....legs feel solid and breathing steady.......what's that coming towards me? A school of bikes? (what is the correct collective noun???), better step to the left........bikes whizz past me and splashes Dan with muddy water, but he doesn't care, he's running like a man possessed.......5K up and it's up the steps to Kew Bridge.......back over the river and back onto flat pavements.....Ooooh she's pretty! Wonder if she'll smile back at.........she didn't.....cow.........Dans at 8K and going well through Brentford High Street......but what's that woman doing?.......she's about to step DIRECTLY into Dans path!......this could be nasty......"WATCH OUT!!" he yells and scares the living bejaysus out of her. Serves her right for not being in control of her spatial awareness......"don't be mean" he scolds himself........still going well, but what's that noise he hears behind him?........another runner?......passing one of South West London's best C25K'ers?.......Dan is passed by a man a good ten years his senior......he disappears into the distance, sucking the energy from Dan's tiring legs.....but come on, only 1.5K to go......quick light steps, quick light steps.......he's thinking he's a giant rice cake wearing trainers....those things are light right?.......9K........one more to go......he's quickening his pace.....and what's that bulge in his pocket?....he's getting his phone out......checks distance......9.74K, so not far to go.....he pushes.....goes faster........suddenly he reaches the magical 10K and Dan presses the STOP button on his watch.........

When I got home I checked Endomondo.....56mins 59secs.

I'd only gone and got a PERSONAL BEST FOR 10K!!!!!!! YeeeahhhHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!! So pleased. It felt like such a good run when it was happening and I knew I was in for a good time. I've chopped 1 minute 27 secs off my previous time, so not bad for a vodka martini drinking, beer swilling, occasionally employed chap of my years. One of the K's was 5'20 - it was the one when the older bloke passed me I think.

SO how did you all do this Saturday? Hope you managed to get some good times too.

Footie starts again today. Hooray!

Off to buy cheap groceries now....BYE!



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28 Replies

  • I did the housework, sat down and read your post. Thank you yet again Dan for a smashing entertaining run, I felt as if I ran it with you (in my dreams) great time, well done you :)

  • Awwww OldGirl you are SOOOOO lovely! Thanks so much.

  • Brilliant run - and impressive time! Go you! (Love that the tags advise you are scaring jogging bikes...). I turned in a pb at my local parkrun (that's 2 weeks running for me). Took off another 43 secs (32:01 now), so pretty pleased! (Read Cheshire cat grin!) All the more so as I am in training for a half marathon Sept, so have been focussing on distance, not speed.

  • Listen, that's great you shaved time off your 5K parkrun. Bloomin' well done to you!

  • I have to admit to being quite chuffed - it's 10 mins faster than my first parkrun last September! Onwards and upwards!

  • Lovely post there Dan, I really enjoyed that. If you're not a writer, why not?

    I was right there with you! I do Lidl now I can run there. You could do a trolley dash between the three supermarkets. Cross training don't yer know.

    Our footy started a few weeks ago. My husband has just left for a home game and I shall soon be tuning in to listen to it. I love listening to footy on radio. I turn out to away games if they have a swanky hotel at the end of it. Could be hard-pressed to find one in Doncaster!

    I've been out running this morning. A 5 k and I've still not beaten your time!!! Damn and bloody blast!!!!! Done a fitness DVD sesh anorl. Get Ripped in Your Front Room

    Have a great afternoon. P'raps you could check if Lidl still have any of their lovely running duds

  • I would love to be a paid writer, but that's almost as likely as me beating Mo Farah at the 10,000 metres! I have written two screenplays in the past, both of which came to nothing. But at least it gave lots of film producers a chance to use their shredders.....

    You will have to RUN LIKE A GODDESS to beat my 5K PB! If I were you, I'd have some sneaky lessons with TurboTortoise. She's the fastest 5K lady I've heard of on here.

    Unless you know different......


  • wow thats really fantastic Dan, such a great feeling isn't it?? Happy shopping :)

  • Thanks Juju. I do love a good feeling. Don't you?

  • Great time and awesome post - loved the commentary!

    I did my usual longer run for a Saturday morning (10K) and then just kept going and did my first ever 15K. 12K was my previous longest run and once I'd got to 13K it seemed rude not to go a little bit further! Finished in 1.37.54 which is pretty much the same pace as my 10K PB! Feel awesome!

  • Oooooooooohhhhhh, get you and your BIG distances!!!


    Well done karlotta. Do you tie your hair into a ponytail when running?

  • I do! And prob should upload something other than my corporate headshot! Must find a running type shot!

  • Lol'd

    Great piece of literature there.

    My team didn't do so well today. Lost 2-1 to Swansea. New manager better get it right next time!!!




  • Lol, great post, Dan and totally smashed your 10k. Congratulations on your PB ;)

  • Cheers Paul. Appreciate that.

  • That's some run, well done sir! Me? I ran my first 5k since injuring me knee a few weeks back in a very leisurely 32minutes. It felt good, so I expect to be sub 30 again in the near future.

  • Now THAT is good news! Well done indeed.

  • Oh Dan! Another FANTASTIC post! And a fantastic time too. VERY WELL DONE, and thank you for the uplifting commentary. You're ace!

  • Fantastic Dan, you smashed your PB....sounds like a great run.

  • Oh ye gods. Not football Dan. (Weeps into tablet). I suppose it's an excuse to get out for a run and leave the other half to get his own food for a change :-)

  • No not bye bye yet danzargo but ask me again next May!!

  • Had a boring 5+k on the treadmill this morning as I was off out for the morning and had to miss parkrun. It'll be better tomorrow, outside for a 10ish k, not sure of the route yet, may just make it up as I go along, left right, straight on????

    I'm over your way next Saturday, starting somewhere near Richmond (or Kingston, must look up where and how long it'll take to get there), turning round at Kew and back. If you see me give me a wave, I'll probably be somewhere towards the back of a whole slew of runners with my pink C25K t-shirt on!

  • Great post and great run Dan - made a huge dent in your PB! How mean of the pretty girl not to smile back - perhaps you were just a blur to her!

  • Blooming marvellous Dan!! That's a huge chunk off - congratulations! I could almost hear Steve Cram's commentary and visualise every step!

    I did two steady 3ks this morning (did a fast 5k yesterday but won't be able to run midweek so wanted to get another one in before Tuesday!) then walked 20 mins to the Fireplace showroom to order a woodburner stove installation, walked another 60 mins into town, around town and back to Rugby club (footie? what's footie...apart from boring...?!) to watch my first-ever live professional rugby match and we won 62-19. Okay, so it was a pre-season friendly...but WE WON!!

    Then walked home. Hope I can walk tomorrow............................... ;-)

  • Dan the man does it again... Well done! That's a crackin' time... Look out Miles, here comes Dan! :)

  • Wonderful!! And a very funny write up, lol :D

  • The customary fab write up there Dan and a great new PB. Well done m'dear :)

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