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Hi all I am turning 35 next month and been trying week one of c25k for about month now.started off slowly due to knee pain after being too ambitious with trying to run. it went down and I managed to complete week one on Saturday and in now on week 2. my aim is to manage bp and weight after a doctor told me to do regular exercise after b.p readings on the high side. hope to lose some kilos and increase overall fitness along the way.

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  • I have just started week one, also hoping to loose some weight but mainly improve my health, which is good, but more by luck than judgement.

    Good luck, will see you at the finish line :)

  • Thanks all the best

  • Nearly 35? A spring chicken amongst the dinosaurs! Maybe try some knee supports and run sloooooowly. Good luck.

  • Lol you make me sound like a kid. Thanks. Will try that

  • Welcome! This is a great forum for sharing your progress, getting tips and motivation! Slow and steady is the mantra here, good luck!

    @Rosie958 (age 36 1/2)

  • Thank you

  • I thought it would take me months to get to week three even, and never for a moment dreamed I could get beyond that no matter how hard I would try - but slow and steady running, respecting the Rest Days religiously and learning all sorts of truly bvaluable tips and techniques as well as a massive and as it turns out literally life-changing support from my pals on this Forum...and I graduated and am very very happy with this new aspect fo my life. :)

    Read the early posts of Graduates - you will see things that will help you when you feel you just cannot do it becuase we all felt like that at times :)

    Wishing you the same result and well done for being so tenacious about week one :)

  • I re-read my early posts the other day and found some of them quite funny now. It's amazing how the programme works isn't it? And look how far we've come!

  • I still have a sense of awe that it worked so well! I will never forget the first few weeks looking at the three quarter mile circuit of the park and thinking it would never be a case where I could do it even once ! :)

  • Thanks

  • Well done! I'm now on week 2 and planning run 3 for tomorrow. Slow and steady is definitely the way forward, I also have knee problems and need to be careful with how much I do/surface I run on etc. I never thought I'd be able to run πŸƒπŸ» but am really enjoying the buzz that it gives me!! I've a long way to go in terms of weight loss and building up fitness but we've started and that's the hardest part done! πŸ˜€

  • Keep going. Thanks

  • I get stiffness in my knee and blame my running style because I don't flex my knees when running much, so they get stiff and achy. I do strength and flex exercises now - front and rear leg lifts, squats etc and I have noticed a huge improvement. I do them on rest days, hope that might help

  • Thanks will try that.

  • I have suffered from bad knees since my 20s, and I used to be very fit then (fitness kickboxing instructor!). Whenever I went running, I'd be hobbling after 5 minutes and never thought that I would get through this programme. However, it's brilliant! The way it gradually builds you up, by combining walking with running, really does help those knees (though mine are very stiff and creaky). I managed 20 mins of non-stop running the other day and my knees were fine so I am sure you'll get there too. Good luck!

  • Thanks. You too

  • I was stubborn when I graduated, refusing to do any walking at all. However, I had a sore calf and had no choice but to run for a while, walk, run again. I allowed my legs to get stronger and it really is worth trying. I ran for 100 double paces, walked for 100. I just counted a 10 on each finger rather than a time or distance, seemed pretty foolproof

  • Well done on starting. It depends what you call running really. If you're after a fast run then you will tire out quickly. Laura says it's stamina that matters, not speed. I go along at a nice plod which is working brilliantly for me. I am 32 so a similar age and I'm also overweight (14.5 stone) with higher bp readings. Actually, that's a thought, I haven't had it tested since completing this programme, it must have helped. I'll check on my mum's monitor at the weekend to see...

    I've lost a stone in weight since starting in March (in combo with a healthy diet I might add). Make sure you have good running shoes. Some are designed for cushioning and my pair certainly make a difference to my legs as I run on pavement.

    Good luck for your journey, I look forward to following your progress. It's the best thing I ever did and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I don't love every run, you have some great ones and then some really rubbish ones, but it's part of the course. I can't imagine not running now.

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Will keep going. I got a new pair of well padded road running shoes a few weeks back and that has helped a bit as I run on tarmac.

  • Snap dude! 35 years young hbp and overweight - slowly becoming a fitness nutcase this programme is great - feel so much better in my fitness just starting week 6 - I ran for 20 mins the first time in my life - tough but rewarding - enjoy...

  • Nice. Keep going

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