Been Laying Low

Got out for a much needed light run today. After the highs of the last few weeks I've really needed to slow down - not out of choice either. If I'm honest since very early on in the programme I've been nursing a poorly knee :-( My left knee has always been weak since falling from a tree when I was 17. I've kept running even through the pain (which I know is silly) as the running bug really took a hold of me. I've finally listened to friendly advice and hadn't run since last Tuesday - even though this has made me so sad.

I wanted to test how the knee was bearing up so decided to go back to week 6 run 1 so as to have some walking in between. Gingerly I ran with a few twinges but it felt so good to be out again. I've RICEd it since coming home but the real test will be later and tomorrow when it's had time to settle down. Maybe I'll stick to week 6 for a little while and see how I feel for a possible light jog on Thursday.



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20 Replies

  • Hi , sorry to hear of the injury. I am just back from similar myself. It was my own fault, an overuse injury from me pushing too far too fast.

    From experience, ice several times a day. Listen to your body, if the knee doesnt feel right leave an extra rest day. Start back slowly, cover a little less distance until you are sure all is well. Then rebuild slowly .

    i also now do daily knee strengthening exercises which I feel is helping a lot. You can find these on then key in knee strengthening exercises.

    Happy running

  • Thanks Jacs-W for your advice - I've set myself a date for a similar run tomorrow night - knee still aches but feels a bit better than last week and I'm so missing not running. So just like the tortoise and the hare - slow and steady wins the race!! I'll also check out those knee strengthening exercises you speak about

    Cheers me dear :-) X

  • Oh poor you. Your plan sounds sensible though.

    Have you ever seen medics about your knee? I know it's not long since you were 17... but if you've had trouble ever since there might be some underlying problem that could be helped a lot by specialist exercises from a sports physio or something.

    I have no expertise in this (or in anything much other than laundry and things) but I was very struck by Alexandra Heminsley's account in her excellent book "Running Like a Girl" of her experience with an old injury from a road accident which had never bothered her at all until she started running. It then began to give her pain, and eventually severe enough pain that she went to a sports physio. Long story short she had to stop running for a period and do special strengthening exercises on the weaker muscles which clearly worked well as she has gone on to run marathons! Her problem was in her pelvis so it's not the same story exactly but you and your knee may benefit from further exploration now you are a runner.

    Take care.

  • Thanks AnnDroid for your reply and concern and especially those kind words!! 17?a few more years ago than I care to remember lol!!

    I've checked out sports physios and am seriously considering booking an appointment next week - gotta be worth a try especially as I've been missing my running. I'll keep you posted.

    Ta x

  • I know some people use Kinesiology tape might be worth a try. You can buy on amazon but don't buy cheap versions.

    I use it to prevent blisters too - massively cheaper than blister plasters.Specific exercises to build up thigh muscles made big difference to me. Even though I am still overweight and older (thought I had start of arthritis! ) my knees no longer trouble me.

  • Thanks Pug1 for your thoughts and ideas - certainly worth a look - I'll check it out.

    Ta x

  • I have a niggly knee too, not due to an injury but mine is because it gets stiff on longer runs because I don't flex it much. I found strength and flex exercises such as squats, front and back leg lifts have improved it a lot. I can't really face any icing, I prefer cosying up with an electric blanket, hot bath or a woolly blanket on my legs like an old lady LOL

  • Sounds like a plan JoolieB1 - thanks for taking the trouble to reply.

    :-) x

  • Yeah see how it goes. Gently does it.

    Jacs! You go steady!! Y'hear!

    The knees do get stronger but it takes a while

    Take care C25kers! x

  • Ta misswobble - gently, gently.


  • Well done dereham-girl. You got out there and gave yourself a little workout, which all helps I guess. I've also been getting 'twinges' (in various places!) but have ignored them so far as they do not last. I had one earlier today totally out of the blue when I was standing in a property I was was just as if I had stood on a spike with my right foot! It only lasted a few seconds and luckily went away. I must also admit that when I first get up out of bed I feel like a 90 year old for the first 5 minutes!! lol

    Keep on running! You're getting along great. :) x

  • Awww Thanks matey Lee337. Defo too much info on those 'twinges' lol ;-) you'd probably do better to 'feel like an 18 year old' - they're so much more fun (when I can remember that far back!!)

    Keep on keeping on

    :-) X

  • Too right! Trouble is, I have problems remembering back 18 days let alone to when I was actually 18! :D x

  • lol poor old boy :-) x

  • Fingers firmly crossed for you DG!

  • Thanks Irish-John for your kindness :-) x

  • Hey - remember, we might run on our own but we never run alone 'round this way ;)

  • Thank you - I like that quote :-) x

  • Hope all goes well for you on Thursday , injuries are the complete pits aren't they, so frustrating .... :-(

    Baby steps, slow and steady. Good Luck and please let us know how you go on :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug - very frustrating.

    Thanks for the good wishes - i'll defo let you know :-) x

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