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Poorly Jefna = No running!

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Aaahhh I hate not been able to run! I've come down with some sort of virus, I've had it since Monday so haven't been able to run since the Bupa Great North 5k last Saturday!

I also have conjunctivitis so I'm really feeling sorry for myself! I can't believe how much I'm itching to get out for a run! I can normally fettle an illness in a couple of days but this one has me knocked for six. Good job I've got this place to keep me in the running loop!

Loved reading the posts this week....happy running everyone! (And me...hopefully sooner rather than later! Haha)

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Awww poor, sick Jefna... Take lots of care of yourself so you can run again soon. Better get off your PC/iPad/phone asap so that your eyes don't get too sore. Sleep tight and feel heaps better tomorrow. Linda x :)

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JefnaGraduate in reply to LMS2110

Aww thank you Linda. Yes you're right, I'm probably guilty of using the iPhone and computer too much at the moment! Just can't seem to keep away! x

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Completely sympathise with you . I haven't run for 10 days now, headaches, sore throat and streaming cold, but I'm determined to try running tomorrow. I don't care if it's only a short one, just need to know I can still do it.

Hope you feel better soon and at least as you said you can feed the running bug with this forum, whilst fighting off the nasty ones .

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JefnaGraduate in reply to Tready

Aww no! I'm sorry to hear you've been poorly also. I hope you're run goes ok tomorrow. Think you're right in keeping it a short one, you don't want to knock yourself backwards.

Take care x

Sorry to hear you are feeling rough.Hope you get back out there soon ...but get well sooner :) x

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JefnaGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Thank you Carolecal! Feeling a little better this morning, still no good for running just yet though x

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Get well soon J. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well and huge congrats on completing the great north run. I watched it on tv and it looked amazing xxx

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JefnaGraduate in reply to Mazzero

Aww thank you Mazzero. Oh I didn't do the big one, just the great north 5k on the Saturday morning. Maybe next year though! x

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Hi Jefna, don't try to get back to early .I've had a bit of time off...a weeks holiday where apart from once, was too hot to run, and since I came back last monday,have had some sort of virus that's pretty much knocked me off my feet. I felt I had to get up and do something or would get out of running habit. I managed just 11 minutes this morning at a very slow pace, but relieved to get out there. I know I can pick it up again, but just need to go slowly. Take care and good luck x

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Ah thank you for the advice BarbyK. Sorry to hear you've been ill also.

I worry the same, about losing the habit and the fitness if I'm being honest, but I know I can build this back up again and like you said just taking it slow.

Glad you hear you managed to get out today, hope you're fully recovered soon x

Hope you start to feel better soon, just think how your first run will be post rest :-)

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Thanks Phil! Haha oh I am!

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Sorry about that, hope you get back into it soon :)

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Sorry you're not feeling well jefna, there's a lot of nasty viruses about at the moment, but you are doing the right thing taking time out. Don't worry about losing fitness/the habit - it will come back, I'm sure - I'll second the thanks for this site keeping us in the loop, it's kept me going throughout my frequent injury spells this year. Hope you'll be up and running in no time! :-)

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