Week 6 Day 2 - injury! :(

Was out last evening for my last interval run - week 6 day 2. Was feeling so good - listening to my own music, keeping good pace, thinking etc. Then I bailed! Totally went over on my left ankle, went right down, scraping up my right knee really badly as well. Wasn't even able to walk home - had to hitch a ride from a stranger! So disappointed - was really looking forward to continuing on the program. I've been so dedicated and now I have to wait. Haven't been seen by MD so not even sure for how long I'll be sidelined. :( Very sad and very frustrated.

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  • Oh no!! That sounds awful. Hope your sojourn on the injury bench isn't too long and that you'll be up and back running soon. Take care :)

  • Oh no :(

    I really feel for you. Hopefully you won't have done too much damage. Take it easy and make sure you recover properly - the running will always be here when you're better.

  • I’m on the injury couch too :( Nothing nearly so dramatic though. I hope your ankle heals soon.

  • oh no poor you! strap ankle and ice etc it to aid recovery (RICE) and hopefully you will be back on the road

  • two days later - now it's not so much my ankle but my right knee! hugely swollen and hard to bend. feeling discouraged as today was supposed to be week 6 day 3 ... sigh. hoping this recovers quickly and i can get the program all done before the snow flies.

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