Drastic way to avoid a run

Drastic way to avoid a run

So I really REALLY didn't want to go out running tonight. (I did though).

But before I went out I went into the kitchen and took a pre-run puff of my inhaler without bothering to put the kitchen light on. This earphone bud was inside it for some reason and I inhaled it very close to the back of my throat and scarily close to the point of no return. Stopping yourself breathing altogether would be an extreme option to get out of going out ...

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12 Replies

  • ouch!

  • Blimey, that sounds terrifying! Glad you're ok

  • Scary!!

  • My that could have been very serious! You still went running, really brave of you! Xxxx

  • Well done on the run Anne..its cold out there.

    Note: Put the light on to avoid choking accidents..Glad you are ok😯

  • Er....how on earth does an ear bud end up in your inhaler?!

    Glad you are ok, and well done for getting over the adrenaline rush / shock and going out on your run...!

  • What are you like! I thought it was a a sex toy at first sight!😂 not that I know much about that sought of thing!😁

  • Wow! Glad you are OK!!!

    I thought at first when I saw the pic someone had literally snorted a lung out through there nose the way I thought mine was going to go on W1D1 LOL :)

  • Ha ha Dave , that made me laugh ! :-D

    Oh Anne, Blimey , go careful Girl . I remember choking when I was ill and was being sick in a toilet. ( Lovely ) It was the one of the most frightening things that ever happened to me and if my mate hadnt've been there to give me a really hard slap on the back , that would've been it !

    Glad youre okay, that mustve been such a shock ! xxx

  • That is a bit drastic!glad you are ok x

  • Yikes, I'm always leaving the lid off my inhaler and I've inhaled all manner of handbag fluffs, but that beast is enough to kill... go careful and so glad you are ok.... 😎

  • Ouch, that sounds painful!

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