To run or not to run!

Imagine the scene - curled up in a comfy chair with a good book in front of a log fire. The wind driven rain lashing against the windows. TC calls to me from the kitchen door to ask if I want anything from town as he is popping out. OK I yell, give me 2 minutes.

"You must be mad" was the comment as I arrived at the car in running kit.

"I thought you could drop me near the main road and I will run home" was my reply.

A short run of 3km, but better than no run at all was my logic.

Now back home, showered and waiting for the kettle to boil for a cup of tea then back to fire, chair and book. Bliss!

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  • Good for you!!

  • I like your style. And an excellent idea to run home J

  • Sounds like the best of both worlds :-) now you can enjoy your book and cosy chair by the fire in true contented joy!

  • Well done for getting out there in the rain! I don't mind getting out in a bit of drizzle, and I don't mind if it pours down after I've started a run as I'm always baking hot within minutes but I'm not sure I could start a run like that. Maybe in the summer...!

  • Bliss indeed and the smugness of knowing you got your run done and dusted. Well done !!

  • Great way to enjoy all the luxury and yet feel guilt free. Totally agree with your way of thinking.

  • What a brilliant idea - might do that myself as it creates a different route! Simple but quite brilliant!

  • Run is always better than no run, and the chair is comfier, the fore cosier and the book more satisfying for having done it. Good work.

  • fire not fore. Jellified legs have transferred to fingers somehow.

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