It's week 1 next week

Hiya everyone - finally plucked up courage, talked a friend into doing it too and found somewhere flat and lit to make a start! Starting week 1 on Monday. Don't think I've ever done anything other than walk before - can't remember ever running at school. Got a lot of weight to lose and I'm not enjoying the gym so hoping C25K will hook me. Been great to read others experiences - just hope no one I know sees me ๐Ÿ˜ณ


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  • Let folk see you.... flaunt it! You are out there and on the way... welcome to this wonderful running family.

    Folks will be supportive, encouraging, sympathetic and persuasive. The words you will hear, so often, on here will be, slow and steady! The reason for that.. the run should be enjoyable and fun, and you should reach Graduation injury free :)

    The programme is intended to take you to a thirty minute run after nine ( or however long it takes you) weeks. it is structured and safe, and is about stamina, not distance or speed :)

    So, you and your chum.. good luck, keep posting and just go for it!

    " Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it ! "

  • Congratulations. Getting out the door for that first run is the toughest part of the process! When I started last year I had to pause the app because I couldn't finish the 1 minute runs. I have now done 54 Parkruns, several 10k runs and a half marathon. I have also lost 2 stone! Trust me it will be worth it! Good luck.

  • Just take it easy and enjoy - once you've done that first outing you'll feel great, and don't worry if anyone you know sees you - they'll just be full of admiration and might even start as well (if they're not doing it already!).

  • Well done for taking the decision to get started. It will be good to do it with a friend but we will all support you on here and share your triumphs, commiserate and encourage on the bad days and offer advice if needed.

    Good luck!

  • I am sure the main message we'd all want to give you, other than "Yippee, get out there!" is K.I.S.S. - keep it slow. It's sustaining a running motion not anything to do with speed, that can come later. It really is remarkable the difference in calories burned and heart rate just from adopting that different motion.


  • I like that.. KISS... I am going to adopt that, as my mantra, whilst crocked, but it will be KISSS.. keep it slow, slow, slooooooow! :)

  • Go for it Gertlet

    You stand at the threshold of a very exciting new life! Sometimes it will be hard. Sometimes it will even be very hard. But you'll soon be addicted to the lovely smug feeling that follows a run. :)

  • It's one of the best decisions you have made. Honest. And if I can do this (started in March and couldn't do the one minute runs) then anyone can!

  • All the best from someone who has just started Week 2! I was a bit nervous 10 days ago, but so far no problems. I do feel better for it, even at this stage. There's some good advice from all the graduates have posted.

  • All the best!

    I'm starting week 3 tonight.

    I'm quite overweight so while I have managed the runs in the first two weeks it has been hard and I have had VERY painful shins during the exercise and afterword's. My last week two run the other night was in the snow, but for the first time though mu shins were tight the pain was much reduced and I can honestly say I had a sense that I actually did enjoy the run this time!

    My point is...stick with it even if it's tough to start.

  • You won't regret the decision to do this - it's amazing - remember to take it slow and remind yourself that you CAN do it! Good luck - have fun!

  • Welcome to what really will change you for the better in so many ways :)

    And you will enjoy it so much when you really get over the " newness" of it :)

    You are worried now - as the vast majority of us were, I assure you - about being seen.

    Well, a couple of days ago, I was on my run when a bunch of teenagers sitting in a vehicle started hooting and hollering at me. Boy did they feel so good and clever about themselves at that moment in comparison to how I appeared!

    I can guarantee you, in the "old days" before running helped me see myself and the world around me in an astonishing new way, I would have been highly insulted and a "physical altercation" would most likely have ensued. And then I would have brooded over how they hurt my pride with all those jeers for EVER!

    Don't need that kind of thing anymore. I have far too much fun, and chosen challenges, running nowadays to have time or the emotional gap to fill with worrying what morons think of me :)

    There was a moment of ",,upset" sure - old habits die hard totally - but all I really felt was " Eh, y'all are heading straight down the loser path" because now I don't take on anyone elses problems with how I look when I am thoroughly enjoying myself :)

    Take it slow and steady, if you feel like quitting read the early posts of Graduates and see that you too are just like us - we all had doubts we could ever do this - and do hang around with us here.

    We might run on our own - but 'round here we never run alone ;)

  • Teenage boys are weird. Yes I know you were one once but haven't they got more interesting things to do like football, or chasing girls, or even going on a run? ๐Ÿค”

  • God I'm going to sound like a fuddy duddy but when I was a teenager we had been brought up to respect our elders - would not have crossed our minds to do something like that because we knew it only made us look ignorant.

    Kids today! Pah! - bring back the Birch - Hanging's too good for them! A good kick up the a-re is what these youths need! ;)

    Now - where's me Complan... ;)

    (ps - actually when I was a teenager, the girls all chased me ;) )

    (PPS - this is Irish Johns Caregiver, we've gave himhis medication rather late this evening so please disregard all the aforegoing. :) )

  • Thank you, everyone of you - I'm overwhelmed at the lovely support and advice you're giving. Strangely excited but nervous about it at the same time - roll on Monday and yes I will remember KISS โ˜บ๏ธ

  • And remember that slow can be very slow :-) (speaking as someone whose slowest run is slower than a normal walk :-D )

  • Hi Gertlet,

    You really will find a lot of support and encouragement in here. I am only just starting week 6, but have had one or two challenges to deal with and people have been so helpful, it's really kept me going. Good luck for Monday.

  • Good Luck Gert !

    Were all behind you , let us know how you get on ! :-) xxx

  • Welcome and I wish you every success. I had never run in my life and I'm now 67. And I really enjoyed the programme and have continued running since I graduated. So I am sure you will both be successful too.

  • Hardest part is your first run, and for some telling anyone about it - please come back and tell us all about it so we can support you on your way ,๐Ÿ˜Š

  • When Iโ€™m out running โ€“ and Iโ€™m useless, a complete novice โ€“ I look with bemused pity at the passing car drivers in their metal shells, and think just how lucky I am not to be there โ€ฆ

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