W8R2, no cars, forgot water bottle, lots of puddles, but no rain. I love running!

Well, I went out rowing first thing so couldn't fit in my run until after that. Phew! I heard Laura say something about "try to run a bit faster this time" which I don't think I heard on Monday, so I did try. However after about a third of the way into my run, I thought my breathing sounded a bit laboured, so I eased off a bit. Was then cross with myself as I thought I wouldn't even make it to the lamp post past the bend that I had got to on Monday, but as I neared the bend and the music continued, I kept plodding along and passed the lamp post, then managed to get past a barn the name of which I now know (Actually, it's called "Three Barns") :) I furthered my distance by about 120 metres! (My Garmin lost charge on my morning row, so I didn't have it with me). I met a lady from the village walking her dog, managed to say "hello" and smile. I then met the vicar's wife on my way back with two of her friends, all walking their dogs, however by this time, I was concentrating on my breathing and so could only manage a thumbs up and a smile. Then I felt that I'd hit a bit of a wall, thought perhaps I wasn't going to make it, oh no, not those pesky Gremlins! And I had even noticed some little berries that looked like little bits of popcorn that I hadn't observed until now. Then I saw my beloved horses, the chestnut mare and grey, and they were by the fence again, as if waiting for me, so I blew them a kiss. A little further on, I saw a lady returning home with her dog, I managed to smile, wave and say "good morning". Ha, you pesky gremlins, couldn't have been all that bad after all :) I also got up my Mini Mount Snowdon (he he) before Laura said "one minute to go" and even had to side step over a dog, on my way up, well it was a bit of a hurdle really, as the medium-sized black canine seemed to go wherever I went, obviously just wanted to play, but didn't realise that I was on a mission! So degree of difficulty up MMS was vastly increased :) Managed a mini sprint for the last minute, got back to the lamp post that I had reached on Monday, home in time with my warm down walk, so all in all, a great run!

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  • Love it. I love running too πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thank you OldPossum πŸ˜€

  • Well done. Your nearly a graduate. Like to read posts from our "Country Folk" whizzing past barns and the Vicars Wife !

    Although plenty in common such as "Dog dodging" and hydration. Think its' good to take water although myself I seem to manage if I've drunk at least a pint or maybe 2 an hour before I go out. Set out about 10 instead of 9 today to give rain chance to move on.

    Today was planning to run down canal towards spaghetti junction but was sealed off for some reason (perhaps working on lock or towpath). did detour and did my regular run 3 laps around lake . Sunday run down canal was great in sunshine on my face and on my back on return despite being cold. No chance of topping up my 'Cost del Spaghetti junction' tan today.

    Not many to smile or nod at on the lake today. Rarely have enough puff to splutter a "hello". One reason I like the canal is the lack of people or dogs on it.

    I had good run about 40 minutes and managed to run a bit further up hill on way home.

  • Well done joepublic , how far did you run? Sounds like it was a long way to me πŸ˜€

  • forgot to mention it was 6K. I sort of regularly do 40 minutes now. On this site there are those who regularly run 10K + , half marathons etc. like it's a walk in the park ! I even get a bit embarrassed at the shocked reaction from friends about my running. Myself I probably wont do more than 40 minutes or much longer than 6K.

    On this site there is a pinned post called "Quest" where some have a 6 week plan to set some modest goals and discuss success or otherwise". It's something to help keep interest after graduating. You might be interested in that.

    I was planning to run along canal next week (6K will take me near to city centre). I can pop in to donate some blood and see some old work mates. Semi retired now just work part time.

    Not sure If I should tell them I ran there ? They probably think I'm bonkers !

  • Thanks so much for the info on Quest. I could have a little go at that after πŸŽ“ If I get there πŸ€” Is it sensible, having given blood, to run back or can a mate give you a lift? So what if they think you're bonkers, I'd tell them you ran there, be proud 😊

  • Oh No I wasn't going to run back ! I'd get a bus or train. Anyway I'm not sure I could do another 6K back running, possibly stagger. Was going to get my tea and biscuits then get my ex-work mates to buy me lunch ! I don't drink alcohol . So Kill 2 birds with one stone. Also maybe buy some new trainers!

  • Glad you weren't planning to run back! Sounds like an excellent plan! Best bit, the tea and biscuits πŸ˜‰ Oh yes, do buy some new trainers, but don't forget to send us all a photo of them, will you. 😊

  • That's about all I do generally Joe, for fitness & keep juices flowing, sometimes may put in a tad further with some hills. I'm retired, got out early, so nice to be able to run when I want to avoid bad weather, will get out tomorrow morning as looking better down here..😊

  • Another beautiful post Flossie...it sounds to have been a delightful run, I was there with you, but paused at the base of Snowdon ( ... been up there many times, so I thought I could walk that bit). I enjoyed meeting the Vicar's wife and seeing the horses too. Thank you...:)

    Looking forward to the post of Week 8, run 3 and then... you are on the homeward stretch. Time for us to get the badge out of it's box and start polishing :)

  • Thank you! 😊 Yes, the vicar's wife is very jolly, always baking, great lady. I'm in two minds about where to run on Friday. Part of me thinks where I've always been up til now, just to see what lies further ahead, but part of me thinks "go for a run by the river" which would require a drive there first, as there's no towpath here where I am. πŸ€”

  • Love hearing about your runs Flossie22, I'm almost beside you the way you describe them

  • Great post Flossie -I felt like I was running with you. :)

  • Inspirational run and post. Getting ever closer.

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