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Gah! Life gets in the way - AGAIN!

So, two weeks ago I wrote a happy, motivated post about how I was feeling really positive, and was going to get on, get through week 5 at last, and make some good progress. Then I got a cold. And had to spend a weekend and several evenings sorting out the house for some work which needed to be done. And my cold got worse.

I'm finally starting to feel better, and *really* want to go for a run - but it's a busy week this week, with a lecture after work so I won't get home until around 7.30pm... I'd like to think I'll go for a run, but I think it's far more likely that I'll be hungry and exhausted, and will just want to collapse on the couch. Again. :-/

And if tonight's lecture is enjoyable, there are three more in the series, so that's Thursday and next Tues/Thurs taken up too... *childish wail* Why is it so haaaaard???

Sorry - I just wanted to indulge my grump about finding it so hard to go running at the moment, when I really really do want to, and knew that there are people here who'll understand! ;)

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I'm a newbie, insofar as I am an undergrad still, so I don't know what I can suggest, but is there any way you could go out first thing in the morning, or is that not possible? Glad to hear you're feeling better. It sounds to me as though you have a lot to fit into your day, but if you can go out running this evening, even if it's just for a short run, I bet you'd feel a whole lot better :) Tonight's lecture may be truly inspirational, let's hope so. I'm in awe of all graduates, so the fact you've completed this programme is a great accomplishment in my opinion.

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Maybe... after this, the first of an amazing lecture.. just think...a quickie... that is what I call my 3Ks... I tell myself, " just a short and sweet run over the fields.. :)

So, maybe, slip your running shoes on when you get in... tell yourself, " I'll just take a quick turn around the block or whatever to blow the day away..." Out you go, gentle run, back home to supper, feeling better and ready for a well earned rest :)

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O boy do I understand! Life constantly trips up the good running intentions. Although a warm quilt and a frost outside does the same for me on occasion, or a good film! I've taken to getting up and running in the dark in the mornings because otherwise I just procrastinate and find anything else possible to do rather than run! It's ridiculously counter-productive because I KNOW that going for a run ALWAYS makes me feel better. I think I have the lazy gene!

Floss's suggestion of 'just a quick turn around the block to blow the cobwebs away' is a brilliant one. Even if you only run for 10 minutes, you've still got out and run. If it goes for longer, brilliant, if not then also brilliant. No pressure :)


Mornings really don't work for me, but I clearly need to do something. I think part of the problem is that generally Tuesdays and Thursdays have been good for me. So even if I've not run on a Tuesday I think I can't go on Wednesday as that'll stop me going Thursday. Which then doesn't happen anyway. Maybe(!) I need to just take the opportunity when I can, and use Wednesday's when they're convenient, without worrying about knock-on effects...

Tomorrow then. Perhaps! ;)


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