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W6R2 - Stupid bridge got in the way!

I managed my W6R2 this evening and I must say I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself! For the first time I actually got annoyed with having to walk after the first run. I had a good pace going and found it harder to pick up again on the second run than if I had kept on going. Maybe this is a good sign as from what I can gather on other blogs I think this may be the last time I have a break inbetween runs but maybe someone can confirm this for me.

Just after I had got going on the first 10 minute run though there is a brige that I have to cross, and its only wide enough for one person. I could see these really slow walkers up ahead of me and I had to make a decision as to whether to keep my pace and risk getting there the same time as them or put a spurt on and overtake them. They were quite far ahead though and I didnt want to ruin my energy levels so I decided to keep my pace and yes youve guessed it i got to the bridge exactly at the same time as they put their first step onto it! I had to jog on the spot a bit and wait for them to get to the other side which was really annoying. When I told my husband about it when I got home, he said he sees runners all the time shouting out "runner coming through"! I wish I had done the same! Its a bit selfish though dont you think or does anyone else do that?!

I feel a real challenge coming on with the last run of week 6 but I really cant believe how fast the weeks are going by. It almost feels like yesterday that I started this whole journey and I can still remember week 1 thinking well everyone else can do this but there is no way that I can and here I am actually doing it! Its funny how when you start this plan you are constantly reading other peoples blogs who are on week 5,6,7,8 etc and its feels like you will never be one of those people but here i am blogging about week 6. Feeling very proud of myself today :-) Good luck to everyone else and whatever stage you are at just remember one thing.... every time you go out and run you have achieved something amazing. Dont ever give up! Onwards and Upwards :-)

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Well said!

As strange as it may seem, Week 6 run 1 is much harder than the 3rd big long one. I Don't know why, maybe if you know you have a 'breather' walk to come, in your mind you set your stall out just to get to the walk. If the walk is 25 mins away you do just the same, only you pace yourself better. Weird.

Good luck with Week 6 run 3 it really isn't too bad, :)



Thanks Kev, thats a really good way of thinking about it! I hadnt thought of it like that but youre probably right. We get so conditioned to pushing ourselves as hard as we can knowing that there will be a walk at the end of it, and we are regularly running for different lengths anyway that you just simply do it because you know that Laura will tell you when to stop when SHE knows that you have had enough! Interesting!


Oooh I wouldn't have a chance of saying anything mid run let alone 'runner coming through' haha, a bell, horn or vuvuzula may be more useful ;) well done on your run, not far to graduation now, the end is in sight, happy running, Ally x


Haha! that made me laugh! youre right though! If I had have blurted something out they probably woudnt have understood it anyway or completely misunderstood and thought I was going into cardiac arrest or something! And yes I do feel like the end is in sight now :-) Cant wait! Happy running to you too x


Nice report/blog ... Woooopwoooop, nearly done now :)

Yep, I've heard of the 'warning cry' - I was walking a tow path with a mate, when from the silence behind us we heard a call ... Cyclist coming through on your right! By golly, it worked well, we both jumped to the left and he whooshed by with a smile and a cheery wave! :) maybe we need a code of manners/etiquette for path users a bit like the Highway Code, eh? Something to think about on soggy, dark nights! All the best for your last few runs, look forward to your grad notes soon :D

Cheers, Linda x


Good idea LMS2110 - a code of etiquette would be useful. They have one on golf courses. Slow players are advised to let faster players through so as to keep things moving on busy days. It brings to mind the day I was having a lesson with the club's professional. We were on a fairway and my tutor could see some people up ahead on the green standing having a chat. She kept calling to them and trying to wave to them to step aside (they had finished on that green anyway). The continued to ignore her so she said to me "I'll soon shift them". She took one of her woods and hit the ball, which landed on the green within a couple of feet of the loiterers. They ran!

Personally, I would be quite happy to shout "Runner coming through" if it became necessary. Good luck with the rest of your runs.


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