My longest run yet

4.7 miles done in 50 minutes. I may not be getting any quicker but I am pleased that I can run for longer. Hey, I may even do a 10k run sometime :-D I have tried introducing some interval runs but I just get stitch so I think as long as I still go out 3 times a week and run it's better than not doing anything at all and I don't feel as guilty then when I am sitting there later eating a Bounty watching American Horror Story :-D

Happy running everyone.


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  • Congratulations! That's a long distance in a short time if you ask me. Can take me that long in a car sometimes! Happy running to you too! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Sounds good... one of my favourite things is just to go out and run for as long as I feel like it... I don't always clock the distance..just enjoy the runs.. :)

    I still do 3 runs each week...I tend, if I am counting, to do a 3k-ish, always a 5K.. (that usually takes me just under thirty mins for that, I think just because I have been doing those for so long) and a 9 to 10 K ish.. only managed 2 10K so far...I think my route needs tweaking!!! :)

    Intervals are fun, as are Strides, which I really enjoyed. :)

  • Well done RSQ! Stitches are a real pain for you literally aren't they! Think I've sent you over links on this in the think you now know what the causes can be.. have you looked at this one though?

    All I can say is for now forget about speeding up to get the times down, just go with it and manage it so you don't get a stitch, go as fast as you dare without one coming on. I'm thinking in time, could take a while.. that you may be able to speed up... at least your getting out and doing it and enjoying it, of course when stich free.. keep on running!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you and thanks for the link. I have read so many of them and tried all sorts of things but for me it has to be something to do with breathing.. when I run faster I forget to breathe properly.. this is something I have to look into a bit more but as you say, for now I am just going out there and doing it - that will do for now :-)

  • Yes breathing, maybe a lot of us forget to breathe properly when going for it, I probably am one, l sometimes feel sick when I speed up to have to compete with someone going to the finish line, maybe it's a similar problem that also brings on a stitch, don't know, just a thought.. But, I'm usually mindful of my breathing when running. OK we all mouth breathe which takes in more volume, but I try to remember at times to also breathe in deeply through the nose as this way it goes deeper into the lungs so getting the oxygen nicely into the blood for the muscles, maybe you could try this in see if it helps with the stitches..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Chest breathing is a weak form of breathing. Itโ€™s too shallow to bring in maximal oxygen and doesnโ€™t fully expel your lungs when you exhale. This may be why you keep getting a side stitch when you run. See the link for more..

  • Yayyyy. That's fab. Well done

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