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Cardiac newbie

Hi Everyone

52 years old. Smoked for the best part of 40 years and then had a heart attack back in May - go figure! I have been cleared by the hospital to start C5K and have just finished week 3 though week 4 looks really daunting. I think there is a lot of psychology to how hard / easy the runs feel. I am enjoying other peoples posts here. It would be good to hear from a succesful graduate with a similar health background to mine. I have lost 25lbs in just under 6 months so I am hoping if I can do that I can get through C5K but it really feels like I have done the easy bit and the rest of it looks scary.

Keep Running!

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I've not suffered any cardiac incidents (yet) but both my Dad and my younger brother (age 49) have/had serious heart problems - that was one of my main motivators for starting C25K in the first place - I'm trying to reduce the risk that runs in my family.

My brother had a tricuspid valve replacement in 2013, and had to have it replaced in the summer last year due to infection, and at the same time they found he needed a single bypass. He has always been pretty fit, but his problems are genetic. He started running in April this year, and finished his first parkrun at the beginning of August in under 30 minutes - he's running regularly and loves it, and has the support of his GP and his cardiac team. So if your medical support team are in agreement, you can do it, just take it steady :-)


I had a heart attack in March and sounds like I have completed a similar journey to you except I was not a regular smoker. My heart attack was brought on more from uncontrolled type 2 diabetes. I am slightly younger than you at 46.

I lost about 2 stone post heart attack and have the diabetes under control at present.

I started C25k in May and graduated in August. I completed my second 10km event yesterday in a new PB. (63.04)

The C25k is the best thing to come out of this as it was a real health scare for me and I am feeling fitter now than since my early twenties.

Advice in completing it is go at your own pace but push yourself if you are feeling good and slow down if you are struggling and just try to keep getting out there and enjoying it. The reward is how you feel when you finish a run.

Keep going you are doing great and just take them one run at a time.


My husband had a heart attack 2yrs ago. I bought a book called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Doctor B. Esselstyn, Jr., M. D. It changed our lives.


Had a triple heart by-pass a number of years ago... probably caused by family genes and a bad lifestyle.... Been running 2 years... Completed my 6th Half Marathon last weekend with a 10k and HM PB at the age of 56!!

Don't plan to give up running until i'm put in a box!!!! :-)

You go for it ... you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!!!!!

Happy running. :-)


No experience or advice re cardiac stuff , but if you can quit smoking you can do anything.

Well done with all your changes!!


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