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Hello all, newbie here

So I have just completed Week 1 Run 1. It felt really good...I'm hoping that my motivation holds and I do all 3 runs this week. I think my main challenge is going to be fitting it in around work (I do a lot of hours at home).

I used to run a fair bit, and did a half marathon a couple of years ago (very slowly). However, now I have put on a lot of weight (I'm 12st 3lb and the top acceptable weight for my height is 9st 10lb - eep).

Any inspiring stories from people would be very welcome! Though I have browsed a few blogs already and it looks like you have to take the smooth with some rough :-)

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Sorry, I think having done a half marathon makes YOU the inspiring one, no matter how slow!


Only just finished W1 myself but there's no way I could've done or even thought about a half marathon kudos to you :)


Hi EmMcBean,

There are lots of inspiring stories on here. Well done on having done a half in the past, you will know what you are letting yourself in for then - and still you come back to the game, well done you!

Good luck!




as Carole said, there are lots of inspiring stories to help you stay motivated and do your second half marathon. I am training myself for the Marathon next January.

Welcome to the program and keep us posted on your progress !


I'm starting week 1 next week, just came back from my holiday so I'm on recovery from that this week and starting afresh next week.


Thanks everyone! It's really great to have a friendly forum for some support! I'm going out on W1R2 right now :-)


Interested to hear how you found run 2 – I just did it yesterday and found it quite hard going – will push forward to run 3 tomorrow but wondering if I should stick in week 1 for a few weeks till it feels a bit better.


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